Posture360 Showcases Innovation at the Wearables Technology Show 2020 in London, UK

Given the current situation and rapidly changing lifestyle to work and school from home, Posture360 will become the solution as trips to the clinic become more limited, while Posture360 wellness solutions of engaging your spine into ‘active posture’ while sitting with gamified rewards will not only provide relief and reduced pain, but massively reduce expenses for treatment resulting in immediate return on investment.

Posture360 CEO & Founder William Choi presented at the Wearables Technology Show in London, UK on “The Next Generation of Smart Clothing” and Panel on “Challenges and Opportunities Wearables will bring in the Future”, Posture360 took the opportunity in becoming one of the highlights as a leading innovation of wearables and the future of Industry 4.0.

Posture360 was also selected to participate in a report mandated by the British Council of Offices in the UK. and that will be published widely. In the report, they will write about products that represent the future of the industry.

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About Posture360 Australia Ltd

Posture360 is the only vertically integrated platform technology that provides corrective posture products with the latest baked in sensor technology analysing good and bad posture throughout the day with gamified rewards helping users optimize their posture in real-time, beginning the road to long-term health and preventative solutions.

Posture360’s products are all designed with the same fundamental philosophy, combining customised balance, natural alignment and optimal posture to deliver Active Posture TechnologyTM.

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