Power Club Project Kicking off with Full Funds and a Retail Licence Obtained


  • Power Club granted Retail Authorisation by the Australian Energy Regulator
  • Very limited opportunity to invest remains.
  • Small opportunity to acquire shares before the underwrite triggers on the remaining shares this Friday 8th December 2017.

The last hurdle to Power Club entering the National Energy Market as a retailer has fallen.  The Australian Energy Regular has granted Power Club authorisation to begin retailing in the national energy market to residential customers, businesses and commercial & industrial. There is still a limited opportunity to invest in this exciting project with Power Club’s new method for consumers to purchase energy at previously unavailable direct wholesale prices (Patents applied for in Australia, New Zealand and USA), eliminating previously unavoidable risk overhead with the savings driving prices substantially below current retail offers, all within a member-owned club which  increases product loyalty. Power Club is to be one of the significant change agents bringing cheaper energy to everyday consumers.

Remaining investment beyond the underwritten shares has gone. There is still a small opportunity to acquire shares before the underwrite triggers on the remaining shares this Friday 8thDecember 2017. To allow smaller investors to participate it has been agreed to allow a very limited number of investors with a minimum of $50K instead of the previous $100K. Investment funds not required until 30 days after share commitment.

About Power Club Investments Pty Ltd

New patentable way for consumers to purchase power and services at previously unavailable direct wholesale prices. Approach eliminates previously unavoidable risk overhead and savings drives prices substantially below current retail offers with club increasing loyalty. Excellent investor returns through membership and Intellectual Property, both outside conventional retailer approach. IPO, entry to international markets and additional products envisaged in medium term.

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