PPM Sandstone Quarry Raise Update

This year has not been without its challenges with a slow start to the year for fundraising, however, RAIC are happy to announce that they are now back to pre-covid levels of investor interest.

Their latest monthly drawdown of $740,000 has left them with only 66% of their raise remaining and they are already engaging with consultants to have them operational by the end of the year.  RAIC is a full retail fund that specialises in retail investment opportunities. They use a third party to monitor their compliance to ensure they provide maximum security.

The PPM raise is a 2 year fixed term on the loan. They pay 12% fixed interest p.a. (paid in advance) and your share of 15% equity in the company. RAIC uses 2 forms of security: a first registered mortgage over the land and a registered charge over the company.

Why invest in PPM?

  • Sand is the most mined resource in the world
  • 20 Million tonnes of sandstone identified within in the drilled area to a depth of 15m and significantly more beyond 15m, with no limitations for extraction
  • Viable market opportunities for both export and domestic markets
  • Suitable for a variety of uses but not limited to:
    • Export architectural high gloss finish stone;
    • Export and domestic use Dimension stone;
    • Landscaping and retaining wall boulders;
    • Road Base;
    • Concrete aggregates;
    • Other general-purpose aggregates;
    • Cement & mortar grade sands;
    • Pipeline bedding, packing and ballast sands and
    • Coloured sands.

Visit their website for more info www.raic.com.au or book a call to speak to Managing Director, Shaun Fox, BOOK NOW

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About RAIC

RAIC is an Investment Manager and a VC Enterprise, specialising in developing high yielding investment opportunities with a strong preference for Mortgage-backed securities.

Their unique approach to lending and investing is to work together with both their Project Partners and their Investors, by understanding the specific needs of both parties they help create bespoke investment opportunities that can achieve the goals and needs of everyone involved.

Their current investment project is the Pleasure Point Mine (PPM) which is the acquisition of a sandstone mine with a known quantity of 20 million tonnes of high-grade silica content sandstone. The mine is located in Helidon Toowoomba with easy access to all main Highways that provide the Gateway to Brisbane and The Brisbane Port giving access to the International market.

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