Presentation of the prototype for China at China helicopter expo 2019

Key Takeaways:

  • Presentation of firefighting prototype
  • Access to the China market
  • Start formation of the future portfolio of orders

VIRA DRONES company is headquartered at the Aerospace Center in Brandenburg, Germany. The company has developed a unique heavy cargo drone VIRA-M450, which is called an airlift or flying platform. VIRA-M450 is a four-rotors aero platform capable of carrying a 450kg payload and driven by an autopilot. The main feature of the platform is that it is able to constantly maintain a horizontal position in any flight conditions.

This gives undeniable advantages in the field of transportation of goods and rescuing people. The main areas of the platform application: firefighting, rescue people from skyscrapers, delivery of goods and fuel. The platform uses 4 rotors with combustion engines on gasoline or natural gas. Using combustion engines gives a significantly greater radius of action compared to electric drones.

The company is already testing a first flying prototype and is going to introduce it in 2020. There was a full-size moke-up VIRA-450 presented on the “Helicopter China Expo” exibition in October 2019. In parallel with the development and tests, the company launched certification of the platform in the EASA and expects to receive type certificate in the European Union in 2022.

About Vira Drones

Vira Drones is an innovative development in the drone industry: heavy-lifting autopilot drones able to carry up to 1000 kg and land on water or rural areas. Environmentally friendly, Vira Drones is a great solution for multiple applications: logistics, agriculture, firefighting, human rescue, humanitarian missions or special tasks. Able to departure and land during any weather conditions Vira Drones has no limits on exploitation without risks for human life.

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