Prof. Dr Won Kim becomes Advisor of Coinmat

Coinmat has succeeded in winning the director of the 1st Blockchain Master’s Program at the ESCE Grande Ecole Paris, one of the leading elite universities in France and worldwide, as an advisor.
Prof. Dr Won Kim is Professor at INSEEC, MBA & Masters, ESCE Grande Ecole since 2014 and Co-Founder of Art Genies, a Blockchain Company since 2017.
With his international network and his know-how, Prof. Dr Won Kim is an absolute enhancement for the worldwide expansion of Coinmat.


About Coinmat AG

Coinmat® is the world’s first crypto ATM operator with a full financial license. With a self-developed cash flow transaction service (CTS), Coinmat is able to realize for the first time in the industry a complete functionality regarding the payment and withdrawal of cash for the customers of the crypto ATMs. As a first mover, Coinmat is ready for Blitzscaling.

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