Pronto Bottle | The worlds first self-sterilising baby bottle

“Pronto Bottle is liberating parents globally from the hassle, inconvenience, uncertainty and general sense of compromise associated with bottle feeding rituals today.”

Shannon Gilleland, Founder, Pronto Bottle

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85% of parents spend an hour a day washing, sterilising and pre-preparing baby bottles before they leave the house. They carry 2.5kgs around with them in their nappy bag because of all the pre-filled bottles they have to carry, and if parents run out of bottles, there is no solution to prepare bottles while out.


Meet Pronto bottle. The worlds first self-sterilising baby bottle. Developed after three years of research, including investigations into sterilisation technology within hospitals, dental surgeries and consumer products, it’s the first baby bottle that sterilises itself and the water that’s added to it.

Competitive Edge

Pronto is the very first bottle that can sterilise itself, can be carried empty and prepared anywhere you can find drinkable tap water. Even on a plane… though that’s a mute point at the moment! For the very first time it only takes 30 seconds to prepare a bottle and it can all be done in home or out.

Team Experience

Shannon Gilleland – Founder / CEO

Has an extensive background in customer service, management and project management within small local and large global, culturally diverse teams. Over the last 8 years has founded, and co-founded, 2 businesses and 2 companies, with three of those being within e-commerce.

Matthew Hoskin – Non-Executive Director

Matthew is a board director and medtech development/ commercialisation consultant with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare, medtech & biotech sectors, including Siemens Medical, and has led small start-up companies as well as large teams in multinational corporations.

Nairy Baghdikian – Non-Executive Director

Nairy’s experience is in marketing strategy, customer service, market insight and innovation planning. She has worked in innovation and growth strategy consultancy practices within marketing roles in several FMCG companies including Kraft Foods, Nabisco and Uncle Toby’s.


The company is looking to raise $850k in total with shares valued at $1.91 per share, with a company total valuation of 2.5mil.


Beyond selling product, Pronto exists to make modern parenting more intuitive. No longer will we settle for the hassle, inconvenience, uncertainty and general sense of compromise associated with parenting, and bottle feeding rituals.

Smart, Safe, Sustainable Parenting is our brand truth.

SMART because we are technology-driven (UV-C light), convenient (light, fast, easy to use) and dependable. The convenience that our products deliver make the experience of parenthood more manageable.

SAFE because we’re removing the need to pre-boil water to sterilise it, having a glass bottle instead of plastic, reducing the chances of babies being exposed to micro plastics.

SUSTAINABLE because we’ve developed a product with greater longevity, with vision for a circular economy, to deliver greater sustainability and impact in the world.

This is true for Pronto and for our future product development pipeline.


In the last 18 months Pronto’s Founder has been accepted into, and completed:

  • 2 acceleration programs within MedTech and Asia markets
  • Raised 3 rounds of funding through VC channels
  • Patented Pronto’s first design
  • Trademarked Pronto Bottle in Australia and
  • Brought on board members to strengthen and de-risk the company
  • Their Founder also recently won the Product Innovation Award with Pronto in Australia, along with 2 pitches and placed second and third in Innovation and Entrepreneurship competitions in China against global competitors for another 2

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