Property Fund with 8% p.a. Fixed Return | $100M Completed and Ongoing Residential and Commercial Developments

“Capital Prudential was founded in 2019 with a vision to provide high yield, real estate backed, fixed income returns for investors. This is the type of fund that we would invest our own and our families’ savings in.

We invite wholesale and professional investors to join us in the journey and benefit from fixed income returns from our de-risked premium residential and commercial developments.”

Sam Moore, Managing Director, Capital Prudential

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INVESTMENT SPECIALITY: Real Estate Backed Fixed Income Fund

Capital Prudential’s Diversified Development Fund is supported by a de-risked and diversified residential and commercial property development portfolio.

The Fund offers a fixed return of 8% per annum over a three-year term to wholesale investors.


The low-risk investment mandate for property ensures:

  • Minimum pre-sale levels
  • Planning approvals
  • Diversification across postcodes
  • A long forward pipeline of projects to balance peaks and troughs in the property market
  • No high rise apartments
  • No urban fringe housing estates
  • Diversification across builders

Capital Prudential’s de-risking process for commercial developments involves:

  • Planning and environmental approvals
  • Long term, legally binding agreements for lease with creditworthy national tenants
  • Highly liquid markets where the company sells the property following completion to REITs, institutional investors and high net worth individuals


The Capital Prudential team includes:

  • Sam Moore, an experienced lawyer and former Director at Rural Bank
  • Philip Riquier, a former Group Executive of Bendigo Bank
  • Jarrad Haynes, a former Executive Director at Accord Property
  • Scott Fleming, an ex-partner at KPMG
  • David Schwab, a former Regional Manager at Rabobank
  • Michael Tilley, the Chairman of Terrain Capital


Capital Prudential’s Diversified Development Fund is currently raising $12M to support an expanding development pipeline.

Property backed unsecured income notes are available to approved wholesale investors with the following features:

  • 8% fixed interest per annum
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Three-year term
  • Principal repaid at maturity
  • No fees

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