PWE Closes its Seed Round With Strategic Investor

Parker Winston Eckhardt, an Australian Fintech has closed its initial Seed round of $1.2 million USD. The business is now all set to begin deployment of its much awaited, direct-to-bank trading environment, designed to redefine ROI in the fund management industry.

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PWE sees itself as a unique company with a clear vision of disrupting fund management on a global scale. “Disruption eventually leads to a paradigm shift. But along the way, many things get redefined. R.O.I needs to be redefined. If you look closely, the fund management industry hasn’t experienced any significant innovation since Wall Street invented CDOs back in the 80s and 90s.

It’s time, and the moment is right for a new player to emerge. One that has the potential to bring about such disruption that a few things will have to be re-defined. ROI being one of them”, said Manas D. Kumaar, Executive Director at PWE.

From the outset, PWE identified a unique opportunity in the currency and derivatives trading space and set out to build its own trading environment. Their primary focus starts with Asset Managers, Family Offices and other funds that want to provide better returns to their ultimate investors in a market that’s still struggling to perform.

With the seed round now closed, and with the platform deployment underway, PWE expects to secure connections with all major exchanges and Prime liquidity venues with speed and scale.

“These are exciting times for the company and more good news is on the horizon”, was the comment from the ecstatic Managing Director, Lukasz Wyszynski.

Follow the company on the Wholesale Investor deal room or through LinkedIn or their website for more information. Asset Manager/Family Office enquiries can be sent directly to

About Parker Winston Eckhardt

The traditional investment model is broken. Be it fixed income, wealth management or portfolio trading – all performing at sub 10% p.a, even in the best of market conditions. The 60/40 balanced portfolio approach doesn’t provide enough returns to justify current market risk. FOREX, being the biggest market (globally), remains largely ignored by investors. High frequency, algo trading in Forex can be highly profitable, if the retail broker can be eliminated from the trading value chain. We are solving the problem of low returns, by using our HFT algos to generate 2% per month through a customised Direct-to-bank trading environment.

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