Q&A with Founder of Elevation Digital, Adam Sheldon


Sidney Macdessi interviews Adam Sheldon, Founder of Elevation Digital to gain insights on the company’s new emerging technology platform, “Elevated”. Elevated provides a single access point to the digital economy.

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About Elevation Digital

Elevation Digital is developing the Universal Economic Infrastructure of The Digital Age.

Integrating superior financial technologies to deliver all of the needs of the market, existing and emerging, in one place, with custom servicing to accommodate the individual, to create the comprehensive interface – our interoperable platform gateway – “Elevated”. the single access point to the digital economy, we will facilitate the superior user experience.

Applying knowledge and expertise into the construct, it is designed to propel the user through the processes of their economic activity and financial development; so they feel competent and capable building wealth on the cutting-edge of technology- regardless of their level of expertise.

Universally accessible and engineered for the masses, anyone and everyone will be able to access and reap the benefits of the digitized financial system.

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