Q&A with Joe Barber, CEO of STEM Venture MOTUM Simulation

Sidney Macdessi sits down with Joe Barber, CEO of MOTUM Simulation. MOTUM is tackling the niche market of simulators, taking the industry by storm with its immense cost – efficiency and practicality.

About MOTUM Simulation Pty Ltd

MOTUM Simulation is a Melbourne-based motion simulation company that has designed, developed and commercialised the world’s most cost-effective Six Degrees of Freedom motion simulation system. The patented motion base enables the system to provide simulation of land, sea and air vehicles with a very high degree of fidelity that to date has been only available on simulation platforms that cost at least 5 times more than the price offered by MOTUM.

Since its inception in 2016, MOTUM has been working with customers in the motor sport and the defence sector to validate the product’s veracity in these very rigorous environments.

MOTUM is now in a very strong position to expand its market reach, both in Australia and overseas, into the entertainment, driver education and aviation simulator markets, whilst developing further its penetration into the motor racing and defence sectors.

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