QuickSafety the All-in-one Compliance App announces the opening of a $1.3M Seed Raise Round

After an over-subscribed pre-seed round that closed in Feb 2018, Quick Safety is now opening its Seed Round of investment!

With the launch of their CVP and monthly re-occurring revenue since May 2019, they are now ready to launch into the 2nd phase of business – scaling across Australia and New Zealand.

We are seeking $1.3M for customer acquisition, tech development expansion, staffing and validation into our next country opportunity.

So, who is Quick Safety?

Quick Safety was born out of the founders 38 years+ experience/engagement with the electrical industry across two continents.

Thru the assistance of Microsoft, Suncorp Metway, CCIQ (Chamber of Commerce Queensland) and BlueChilli, Quick Safety was able to launch the idea and build a world class solution for electrical compliance related issues across Australia and New Zealand.

Quick Safety provides solutions for every electrical job to eliminate risk by validation and transparency of compliance. Also preventing power loss by preventative and proactive ways to monitor circuit and RCD health. The product is designed for everything from residential to Oil & Gas Infrastructure.

Providing the ONLY National Safety Alert System for any trade, free to all electricians.

With 4 commercial products in the market across Qld, Vic and WA, Quick Safety is scaling the business across other states and internationally.


What do they do?

Quick Safety provides validation of electrical testing, transparency in real-time, and secure storage of all mandated documents to everyone from the electrician straight through to the asset owner. The asset owner could be a homeowner, commercial/industrial building owner, construction / mine / oil & gas site.

They have provided an electrical industry first, ground-breaking app which solves compliance issues in the electrical industry and reduces the risk surrounding non-compliance and testing has been released by Australian electrical inspections, testing, and compliance experts, QuickSafety. The app and portals are unique in the industry and they are both fully certified to AS/NZS 300 and AS/NZS 3017 Standards, the first product ever to have achieved this certification!

Quick Safety has gained wide attention and has been picked up and supported by two of the Australian Federal Governments Industry Growth centres (METS and NERA). They have completed the METS Ignited Accelerator in 2017 and continue to be involved in many NERA and METS profile events.

More can be seen at www.quicksafety.com.au

A message from Kurt:

“Keeping up with onsite electrical compliance is complicated and carries high legal exposure. With the Quick Safety app, issues associated with compliance regulations are solved in one simple, easy-to-use app. Compliance testing results are available anytime, anywhere, and in one place.

Quick Safety wants to make mandatory electrical compliance easy, reduce legal exposure and risk to nearly zero, and ensure safety is a priority for electricians. I am excited about what Quick Safety is doing and the positive impact it will have on the electrical industry across Australia and New Zealand, and eventually the world”.



Keith Atkinson Electrical (Seth Atkinson) – “The standards information is already built in, so when my electricians add their test results, they’re not having to interpret – it’s either a pass or a fail. It’s easy for an electrician to “think” somethings a Pass, but by using Quick Safety – they know if it does or not. Quick Safety – It’s such a commonsense idea”.

BlueChilli (Brett Goeghegan) – “Quick Safety is a perfect example of people out there that have deep domain expertise, and really good ideas on how to make the world a better place. A lot of people in startups try to do too many things for too many people. Kurt came to us with a single problem that he wanted to solve and he has stayed true to that purpose. Quick Safety are building a World-Class Product!”.

KPMG (Lisa Jenkinson) – “The regulators should be really encouraging the adoption of a solution, like Quick Safety, it is obvious for electricians that this is what should be done. It’s really affordable and to me – it’s a no-brainer”.


About Quick Safety:

Quick Safety Solves compliance, risk and safety issues in the electrical industry.

Quick Safety is an RegTech IT and Software company that provides mobile apps for the Compliance Industries.

Compliance risk is becoming time consuming and carries high legal exposure.

Our first app is for the electrical industry. Kurt, founder and CEO, having spent over 38 years in the electrical/electronics industry, knows the burden that businesses face when it comes to compliance.

His aim is to make a world-class compliance platform that will provide complete transparency, alleviating the risk faced by all entities and provide direct messaging services to the people on the ground about issues that will affect their lives and industry.

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