Rapid Response Revival appoints Mr Robert Karp as a Non-Executive Director to the Company Board

Mr Robert (Robi) Karp is the CEO and owner of Fluffy Spider Technologies and is a Member of the Advisory Board to the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Science, University of Wollongong. Robi holds a BSc. Computer Science, Mathematics (UNSW).

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Robi has had a distinguished career of over 30 years in software development, methods and ecosystems used in consumer electronics, semiconductors, Internet Services in positions such as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Robi has over 20 years experience in the development and commercialisation of software solutions with Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide.

Robi is the co-inventor of patented “System and Methods for a runtime configurable user interface controller “, for use with consumer electronics devices. US Patent 10,248,438 Nash et al.

Having worked closely with MedTech and Medical Devices companies he will be able to act as a valuable sounding board for the technical leadership team of RRR and, through his extensive professional network around the world, provide opportunities for relevant business and technical opportunities, as well as working with the Board to formulate strategies around IP identification and protection, to ensure the value created at RRR is captured for the benefit of RRR and its shareholders.

About Rapid Response Revival Research Limited

Rapid Response Revival are the innovators behind the CellAED® defibrillator technology – transforming everyday people into heroes.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) has an extremely high death rate and is a leading cause of death globally, accounting for more deaths than many cancers, influenza, car accidents and house fire deaths combined. Anyone can suffer from SCA, regardless of age, gender or fitness level – including children. The current survival rate is just 2-11%.

The CellAED® is designed to assist everyday people and medical professionals to prevent many unnecessary deaths. It is a lightweight, affordable, and personal Automated External Defibrillator (AED) solution, targeting the current government and enterprise market as well as the personal and home AED market.

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