Rapid Response Revival Research Limited on finalising an agreement with a leading manufacturer in Taiwan

Rapid Response Revival Research Limited has finally finalised a manufacturing agreement with a global electronics manufacturer, after 12 months of negotiations. This said manufacturer has a significant presence in Taiwan, where the production of The CellAED® will take place.

The agreement gives Rapid Response Revival Research Limited the ability to produce in significant volumes and also bring the benefit of pricing power in the procurement of components, which will help lower the CoGs. The scale of it is such that, once the manufacturing process has been proven and scaled up, the requirement should be to deliver a minimum monthly order size of 300,000 devices.

The manufacturing company shall not be disclosed as part of the competitor protections, however, this company has over 75,000 employees globally and has annual revenues of over US$8bn, producing large volumes of medical devices and other electronic devices annually being a leader in the field.  Assistance with the distribution in Taiwan and other nearby areas will also be provided by the manufacturer.

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About Rapid Response Revival Research Limited

Rapid Response Revival are the innovators behind the CellAED® defibrillator technology – transforming everyday people into heroes.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) has an extremely high death rate and is a leading cause of death globally, accounting for more deaths than many cancers, influenza, car accidents and house fire deaths combined. Anyone can suffer from SCA, regardless of age, gender or fitness level – including children. The current survival rate is just 2-11%.

The CellAED® is designed to assist everyday people and medical professionals to prevent many unnecessary deaths. It is a lightweight, affordable, and personal Automated External Defibrillator (AED) solution, targeting the current government and enterprise market as well as the personal and home AED market.

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