Reducing the stress of being exposed to cryptocurrencies, with C10 from Invictus Capital

It has long been known that investing in passive index funds is one of the best approaches to investing.

C10 brings this well-known fund structure to the crypto industry, while also incorporating a unique cash hedging algorithm that protects fund value in times of market stress. The CRYPTO10 Hedged fund tracks the top 10 crypto-assets and aims to provide investors with long-term capital growth potential and superior risk-adjusted returns relative to pure crypto market exposure. C10 is an open-ended fund without any lock-up period and allows investment on a recurring basis.

Importantly, the C10 cash hedging algorithm has been optimized to provide drawdown protection during times of market stress while allowing for efficient allocation into crypto-assets during upward trends. “It is a great feeling to be in cash during a falling market”; an observation made by an Invictus community member on the Invictus C10 Discord channel over the past week, following fund trades that resulted in a 90% cash holding.

The peace of mind afforded to investors by C10 is twofold; first, as stated above, the fund rules themselves protect the fund value via the cash hedging algorithm. Secondly, the easy client on-boarding and DIY redemption feature with deep liquidity provides a stress-free user experience while guaranteeing that investors will be able to exit the fund at their discretion, 24/7, no lockups or fixed trading times.

Investors are able to purchase C10 tokens directly with BTC, ETH, DASH and TUSD on the Invictus Investor Portal. In return, investors receive an allocation of tokens proportional to their share of the underlying fund. Fund administration, with the creation and transfer of tokens (analogous to the creation and transfer of shares), is managed entirely through a blockchain-based smart contract. Making use of a blockchain to administer fund tokens allows for 24/7 transparent liquidity, as explained below.

The process for requesting a withdrawal is simple and transparent. Users are able to interact with the blockchain directly via the Invictus Investor portal; once you have specified the number of tokens you wish to redeem, they are removed from circulation, and at the next hourly price update you will receive the underlying value of the tokens you have redeemed. This mechanism is fully automated through the use of blockchain technology and provides investors with on-demand liquidity 24/7.

The open-ended nature of the fund means that there will always be liquidity for investors looking to enter or exit the fund as investors trade directly with Invictus without cumbersome crypto exchanges being involved.

As an Invictus investor, you will have 24/7 secure access to your portfolio, as well as access to additional Invictus funds as they become available for investment. If you already own BTC, ETH, DASH or TUSD you are able to get started investing now. If you do not yet own any crypto, Invictus Capital provides an easy US Dollar on-ramp through TUSD, find out more on the investor portal here.

C10 offers an efficient way for investors to gain access to the top 10 crypto-assets with the benefit of drawdown protection during times of market stress, offering an efficient way for all investors to gain access to crypto-assets at lower levels of risk.

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