Renewable Energy Company with >30% CAGR | Capital Raised from the UN Environment Program and Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund

“Kairos Renewables is changing the way renewable energy projects are originated, developed, and financed.

Our company is highly profitable, and with a successful 10-year track record and advanced project pipeline, we intend to drive the next phase of renewable energy expansion by unlocking broader investor access to its impact, yield, and growth potential.”

Ed Douglas, Managing Director, Kairos Renewables

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Executive Summary

Kairos Renewables originates, develops, and co-invests in large-scale wind and solar PV power projects across Southeast Asia. Established in 2013, it holds profitable EBIT margins and a CAGR greater than 30%.

Kairos Renewables is the first-choice partner for international investors seeking to expand in the region due to its expertise, independence, proprietary data, project pipeline, and first-mover advantage built over ten years across more than 100 projects.

Kairos is currently developing and co-investing in a pipeline of onshore wind projects to meet its target of 800 MW of ready-to-build assets within two years.

Investment Highlights

Profitability & Scalability: The project works under current agreements to boost projected EBIT to $5M in 2022 and the scale of Kairos Renewables’ advanced project development portfolio to 800 MW. The company recorded EBIT US$0.98M and a CAGR greater than 30% in 2020.

Unique Track Record: Kairos has 27 direct equity investments in wind, solar, hydro, and biopower projects across Southeast Asia. It also has over 10 GW of development and project delivery (direct management of engineering, procurement, and construction).

Growing Management Team: Kairos has offices in Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore, a team of 23 professionals, and a regional project footprint.

High-Quality Investors: In 2020, Kairos raised $1.5M in seed capital from the SEACEF catalyst fund (with the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund as its largest investor) and the UN Environment Program.

High-Quality Partners: Kairos has executed two non-exclusive joint development agreements with leading international renewables investors and two more agreements slated in Q4 2021.

Industry Growth: The installed capacity of wind and solar power in SE Asia is projected to grow by an additional 30,000 MW by 2025, requiring $20B in additional capital.

Investment Offering

Kairos is raising $5M to accelerate growth towards a partial trade sale or IPO within three years.

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