Renewable Tech Patent Holder with Blue-Chip Clients Wins 2021 Hitachi Global Challenge for the Circular Economy

“Solid waste is rapidly growing all over the world, causing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Our vision is to eliminate landfills and convert waste into renewable hydrogen and electricity at scale.

We have developed a patented technology called MIHG or “Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification,” which converts solid waste destined for landfills into clean energy and hydrogen.

We’ve proven the MIHG process in our pilot plant and gained blue-chip customers. We seek to raise AUD 2M to commercialise the technology and convert hundreds of customer leads into orders worldwide.”

Greg Perkins – Wildfire Energy CEO

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Executive Summary

Wildfire Energy has developed a revolutionary technology for producing carbon-negative hydrogen from waste materials.

The patented MIHG process is a simple, low-cost, and reliable method to efficiently convert domestic, commercial, and agri-wastes into hydrogen-rich syngas.

Using proven technology, the syngas is refined into fuel cell grade hydrogen for vehicles, or used directly to produce dispatchable renewable electricity. The unique modular design is economical for both small and large-scale setups.

Investment Highlights

  • Won the 2021 Hitachi Global Challenge for the Circular Economy and currently in discussions with Hitachi for collaboration.
  • Early blue-chip customers include a global recycling company, two wastewater utilities, and three agricultural organisations.
  • Wildfire Energy has completed the Cleantech Accelerator and secured $800K from four competitive government grants.
  • Independent experts have reviewed MIHG technology, including a former Chief Scientist of Australia.
  • The proprietary MIHG technology is 100% owned by Wildfire Energy. Its patent is granted in Australia, accepted for grant in China, and progressing in the EU and the USA.
  • The technology is proven to work at a pilot plant scale using a wide range of different waste types.
  • Hydrogen production is emerging as a $500B a year market. MIHG targets an enormous untapped market potential of over 10,000 projects globally across various use cases, including waste management, industrial factories, recycling facilities, and agriculture.
  • Wildfire Energy has an experienced founding team – each member has worked in the energy sector for more than 15 years with leading companies. The team has deep specialist expertise in gasification and has experience commercialising energy technologies and successfully delivering capital projects.

Investment Offering

Wildfire Energy is launching a seed round and is looking to raise a minimum of AUD 1M and a maximum of AUD 2M.

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