Renowned US-based Angel Investor Charles Sidman Launches ECS Capital, Bringing Vetted Global Early-Stage Opportunities to Investors

“ECS Capital Partners provides the easiest and most effective way for accredited investors to participate in early-stage and positively impactful startups and growth companies that are based on sophisticated science and technology. Such companies drive the world’s social and economic progress, and produce positive and uncorrelated financial returns unmatched by other asset classes. Such holdings should be in everyone’s portfolio. Let us work with and for you – we deliver!

ECS is currently approximately one-third of the way towards an initial raise of $5MM USD to launch investment operations mid-year 2021, to be followed by up to $100MM USD over the next several years. The founder’s most recent 10 years’ personal investing has yielded realised returns of 5.5x to-date.”

Charles L. Sidman, MBA, PhD, Founder and Managing Partner, ECS Capital Partners

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Executive Summary

Utilising numerous channels and extensive experience to search among, evaluate and co-invest in the best .01% of the world’s start-ups and growth companies, ECS builds an equal-access, multi-stage and diversified portfolio for all its investors. Co-investment in specific later rounds is available to larger investors. As an easy and accessible one-stop shop, they aim to grow everyone’s capital by 10x in 10 years.

Investment Highlights

  • Fifty years in Bioscience and IT research, practice and teaching giving ECS a unique advantage in analysis amongst STEM investment opportunities.
  • Twenty years as an active business Angel with an average return of 5.5X and 12 exits.
  • Founding Member, (US) Angel Capital Association, 2004
  • Special Recognition Honoree, European Business Angels Network, 2018.
  • Personal investments in 41 new early-stage companies since 2010, including 12 exits.

Notable distinctions of ECS Capital Partners:

  • ECS Capital Partners have a dual investment thesis comprising both financial return and social impact.
  • Global operations and deal – flow both local and regional.
  • ECS provides investors with a diversified portfolio of early stage opportunities as opposed to individual deals, as a risk mitigation method.
  • ECS Capital Partners adhere to a disciplined multi-stage allocation strategy in order to protect investors from cram-downs, whilst ensuring access to later-stage preferential terms.
  • Advisory board consisting of prominent/successful investors and mentors.
  • Access to global deal-flow making participation easy for investors anywhere.

Investment Offering

Minimum commitment of $25K USD, with investors of >$250K USD having deal-specific co-investing option. All investors receive same access and terms for multi-stage and diversified portfolios. Must qualify as an Accredited Investor.

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