Rewards platform has an upcoming IPO with signed global contracts to expand in 26 countries with 30M new customers

“We are excited about our upcoming IPO. Bringing a better shopping experience, rewarding our customers with fast cashbacks, and more choice to live life “my way” will always be our goal. We are uniquely placed, with a great existing blue chip client base and customers to springboard us into the overseas markets.

David Vinson, Chairman, My Rewards International Ltd

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Corporates are looking for ways to keep employees happy and motivated. They want to increase the retention of both their employees and customers, and reach new customers.

Suppliers, big and small are looking to do the same. They want loyal customers and to reach out to new ones.

And as we all know as a consumer, personalised experiences with ways to save money are important.


  • The My Rewards proprietary platform incorporates behavioural mapping AI and machine learning algorithms that can personalise the users’ journey.
  • The unique data insights gained from our users, allow our suppliers to have access to qualified and captive audiences.

Our platform, relationships with 1000s of suppliers, uniquely positions us to meet the requirements of our clients, customers and suppliers.

Competitive Edge

My Rewards boasts a strong competitive advantage fortified by the long-standing relationships with A-grade corporate clients, suppliers, and our adaptive and scalable technology.

  • broader range of rewards and benefits.
  • rewards within days – not weeks or months!
  • flexible payment platform allows our customers to pay whichever way they want
  • personalised content

Team Experience

My Rewards is building a team of great people who share the same vision – living life my way!

With a combined experience of over 50+ years in loyalty, rewards and technology, the My Rewards team is strong and poised to deliver.


My Rewards is providing Wholesale Investor clients with the opportunity to participate in our $3,000,000 pre-IPO funding round. This round of funding will be via Convertible Notes that will convert to equity at a 33% discount to the IPO share price.

Of the $3 million, we have secured $2.75 million.

$250,000 is available to the Wholesale Investor network.

The company has reserved the right to accept oversubscriptions for a further $1,000,000 to cater for the increased demand, bringing the total available with oversubscriptions to $1.25mil.


We don’t just have a solid, stable base of blue-chip clients, we have recently won deals that will deliver significant growth

Signed contracts for global expansions: My Rewards will service up to 30 million customers worldwide across 26 countries.


  • 4.6 mil customers with access | 100+ corporate clients | 4500+ suppliers
  • Signed global contracts to expand into 26 countries with 30 million new customers

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