REX Energy has secured a $15m contract to commence multiple REX X1 installations


REX Energy has secured a $15m contract to begin REX X1 installations at 10 mature age lifestyle resorts. Project delivery is across three Phases with the first Phase to begin in June 2021.

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Each resort will feature the patent-pending REX X1 on-site. The REX X1 is an advanced renewable energy platform that operates as the brain of each site’s energy distribution system, reducing energy overheads of all tenants whilst creating a revenue-generating asset for the site owner.

The X1 also permanently mitigates all renewable energy export to the national electricity grid.

Each of the 10 sites will feature all three key outputs of the REX X1:

  1. Ability for up to 100% supply of renewable energy to add a new 25-year revenue stream for the owners and reduce all tenancy and owner energy overheads.
  2. The sale of renewable energy to the power grid at peak demand/consumption hours whilst eliminating uncontrolled renewable energy export issues permanently.
  3. A technologically ready platform for future energy revenue markets including electric vehicle charging, increased site/tenancy energy demand, data generation and tariff optimisation.

About REX Energy

REX Energy has reimagined electricity by transforming multi-tenant building energy usage from an expense into a long-term revenue-generating asset for the building owners and body corporates.

The REX Energy X1 is a multi-tenant renewable energy integration platform that is designed to equitably share energy produced onsite.

The patent-pending X1, developed by REX Energy, is a cloud-connected renewable energy network that uses low-set multi-tenant buildings to equitably generate, store, meter and distribute 24 hours of renewable energy to all tenants while supplying the exact amount of energy required in realtime to precisely match their demand. This process completely mitigates renewable energy export to the power grids. The energy produced onsite is consumed onsite. This patent-pending export prevention solution eliminates grid congestion, allowing for the safe application of large-scale renewable installations. By maximising renewable energy generation, the X1 has the capacity and patent-pending algorithms to match the real-time energy demand of each tenant with a 100% supply of renewable energy – all from one platform.

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