The Room Xchange; Women in Innovation & Better Together

On the 11th of April, Ludwina Dautovic, CEO and Founder of the RoomXchange presented at two events both held in Adelaide, South Australia.

Women in Innovation event was hosted by UniSA in conjunction with South Australia’s Collaborative Economy Challenge. The sharing economy is based on the most efficient use of money and resources. Collaborative consumption is disrupting traditional commerce as the same way that eCommerce shock up retail business a decade ago.

Uber and Airbnb might be some of the biggest players in the sharing economy but they aren’t the only companies changing the way we do business!

Better Together was an event which also focused on the collaborative, or ‘sharing’ economy’ which is changing the way we live and work. Along with the uncertainty and disruption that comes from this new way of doing things, there are also great opportunities, both for people with great ideas and those who hold the assets that can be re-used in the marketplace.

Ludwina, spoke of her online platform that connects households with guests who are willing to provide a couple of hours of help each day in exchange for food and accommodation.

The Better Together Showcase series featured thought-provoking guest speakers, informative presenters and inspiring practitioners who have shaped and influenced public policy and practice throughout South Australia and the world.

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