S$11.4 million in revenue for Singapore-based FinEduTech company as of 1HFY2021, exceeding FY2020

Uniquely rooted in FinEduTech, investor learning is powered by technology at 8VI, where core principles of value investing are integrated onto a single VI platform.

We believe in empowering everyone towards sustainable wealth by investing smarter, faster and easier, and we work to bridge solutions for retail investors to analyse, learn and connect effectively through the VI ecosystem.

Despite a challenging global outlook, 8VI achieved great success in the past year by embracing the new normal and operating with greater digitalization on all fronts, including significant investments into our technology talent, capabilities as well as infrastructure.

Ken Chee, CEO, 8VI Holdings Ltd (ASX: 8VI)

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Undisputed fact: Investing is important for financial security
Trepidation about stocks and lack of knowledge propel investment jitters. Technology is favoured for:

  • Reliable & transparent management
  • Ease of access
  • Providing options

A wide range of solutions from traditional banks and fintech entities emerge to meet the digital evolution. Yet, options on the market are highly fragmented.


VI Ecosystem bridges solutions for retail investors; allowing aspiring and seasoned investors to analyse, learn and connect on the VI platform.

VI App’s unique stock analysis makes investing smarter, faster and easier than ever before by delivering powerful insights. Powering learning through technology, VI offers lifelong education on investing via VI College and access to a community of investors globally.

Competitive Edge

VI is built on a 12-year-old financial education platform with over 45,000 paying customers. They transition graduates into members of VI Community, benefitting from the continuous support, learning opportunities and smart analytical tool through tiered subscription options under the VI platform.

With upfront customer value that exceeds customer acquisition costs, their unique business model creates path to profitability for 8VI.

Team Experience

VI’s senior management team has a multitude of experience across different fields, including business and technology development, strategy, marketing, learning, data and asset management.

Their overall strategy and growth hacking are bolstered by a team of advisors who are experienced leaders from major corporations and fintech startups, working with the management in guiding 8VI’s development, positioning and strategy.


8VI Holdings Ltd is currently listed on the ASX under the code “8VI”.


As VI improves user experience and incorporates aspects of AI and ML over time, they expect the VI platform to become a powerful aggregation of market sentiments providing insights into investor behaviour.

Coupled with their smart, analytical tool and educational platform, they aspire to generate alpha for investors by empowering them with the correct knowledge to take informed action.


8BIT Global Pte Ltd (the fintech entity behind VI App) received regulatory clearance from the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a Licenced Financial Adviser to provide financial advice concerning securities and units in collective investment scheme through research analyses and reports.

8VI’s revenue as of 1HFY2021 is at S$11.4 million and has exceeded its FY2020 revenue of S$10.9 million.

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