SaaS Announces Mastercard Partnership | Reshaping Business Mobility

Klymat has long advocated for the necessity for intelligent business mobility, which will eliminate the uncertainties surrounding all elements of business mobility while also providing carbon-efficient solutions for business travellers. Driving this Klymat has received positive encouragement for its proposition from:

  •   Mastercard to enhance its Priceless Planet credentials
  •   4 National vehicle funding providers
  •   Access to 850,000 rental vehicles
  •   An established dedicated national fleet management provider
  •   Air and ground taxi providers
  •   A National car park operator
  •   Fuel and Car Charging network

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The partnership with MasterCard will be fronted by Klymat’s unique software platform that provides every user with instant access to every mobility service using their mobile device. The Klymat team will serve as the client interface, adding a layer of support when the tech requires assistance.

Following investment funding, the software, which is now in prototype form, will be moved to the MVP development phase by Klymat’s own in-house team (with some external input).

If you’re an investor looking to make a meaningful impact on the Mobility and ESG landscape in 2022 with the potential for outsized returns, then Klymat is a great place to start. 

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