SaaS platform with huge scalability potential poised to disrupt Low/No-Code booming market

Systemate’s automated, agile, go-anywhere platform is an established standout no-code horizontal full-stack SaaS managing data for any service, anytime.

Advantages such as no experts required, works anywhere, agile and flexible deployment, outperform current competitors Airtable, Amazon’s Honeycode, Unqork some of who are currently being valued at between US $1 to $2.5 B.

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Systemate can scale to a huge and diverse range of markets, the low code global TAM is estimated to be USD $45 B by 2025. Current SaaS market scalability is 10 X  to 18 X

“Systemate’s unique position in the No-Code SaaS market enables us to rapidly respond to needs such as health management, education, procurement, Government services as and when the need arises, this reduces technology and consultant costs,” says Marianne Witzig, CEO and co-founder of Systemate.

In 2019 Systemate’s potential and product development to date was acknowledged as a finalist in the Development Impact Award by the Premier’s NSW Export Awards.

Systemate is currently in discussions with NGO’s to manage COVID vaccine rollouts in developing countries, just one sector that can be easily and quickly serviced by Systemate due to its ability to be agile, react and update on the run.

Systemate’s totally flexible platform is well-positioned to tap into this booming market, this was vindicated recently when two highly regarded US tech advisors joined the team; Stephen Price, CEO of CoFoundersLab and Erik Bullen of Bullhaus Ventures, Vencapital and the Capital Network.

“We are targeting a serviceable market of APAC and North America with a goal to capture a share of the B2B’s and B2G’s which is currently projected to be US $4B, also in our pipeline in the inclusion of payment functions which has been increasing SaaS revenue by 3X”.

With an established long term team, fully bootstrapped and founder funded, a built core platform, proven product-market fit in No-Code Saas market, and having stayed ahead of Amazon’s Honeycode, Airtable, Unqork and others, Systemate’s powerful no-code horizontal full-stack SaaS platform becomes more desirable and sought after by the day as investors look for established built proven and risk-free product in this booming market.

About Systemate

Systemate is an automated, agile, go anywhere no-code SaaS platform for data management. With features including AI-assisted app design, workflow automation, mobile offline mode and API’s to intergrade with 3rd parties or IoT we have an edge in this booming industry. We have built the platform, attracted a stellar team and have a recurring subscription revenue in the APAC market.

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