Savvy dad’s app that helps kids earn screen time by doing house work

Story by 7NEWS Sunshine Coast:

Mowing the lawn for pocket money just doesn’t cut it with today’s kids, so one savvy dad came up with the idea of household chores in exchange for screen time.

The light bulb moment has just earned him a million dollars in government backing for an app.

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About ScreenCoach

ScreenCoach manages kids screen time and helps get kids more active, do their homework and help out more around the home.

ScreenCoach is a SaaS product that uses hardware and software to help solve a global problem.

ScreenCoach is a world first gamified electronic rewards system where kids can earn time (or pocket money) on their devices from the chores, tasks and movement they do around the home.

In 2020 we secured the Accelerating Commercialisation grant for $330,0000 which enabled us to complete Alpha trials around Australia. We move to Beta trials in July 2021 and ‘Go Live’ at the end of this year.

We have built our technology to scale rapidly with plans for Global expansion in 2022.

We are still an ESIC compliant company, granting investors a 20% tax rebate and capital gains tax exemption on their investment.

Our goal is to create a highly profitable company which reduces stress for parents, teaches kids how to self manage their screen time, improve parent-child connection and boost harmony in homes all over the world.

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