Screen Coach to Commence Beta Trials | Already Secured $500K of $1.5M Raise

Great news! We will commence our Beta trials next week. We are following the phased approach used for our successful Alpha trials in 2020. Each phase will focus on differing features and attributes of the ScreenCoach solution, the 1st phase is with more tech-savvy users. We will talk more about how things are going in next month’s update.

The software team is ticking off development milestones. Our code rewrite consolidation piece draws to a close. This ensures ScreenCoach will work robustly over multiple platforms and be easier to maintain and enhance into the future. We have hired a lead developer to manage both the developer team and review their code and keep quality and tests at the appropriate standards. We have also hired a project manager to support Peter in the many areas of the tech aspects of ScreenCoach. Todd is not only experienced in IT rollouts but is also an investor in ScreenCoach.

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On the UI/UX side of things, we have a new team. Roadhouse digital have amazing experience in shaping the look and feel of some of Australia’s premier solutions, Smiling Minds being one of them – Apple’s #1 health and wellbeing app in Australia. Roadhouse also has proven gamification expertise, which is an important part of our plans in the coming months.

The team at Roadhouse has spent the last couple of weeks getting clear about the project and what our user’s need. Clear mandates centre around ease of usability, easy to set up and easy use. These are key factors in how we want our clients to perceive ScreenCoach, it’s what everyone wants! They have prioritised the key things they want to implement as a starting point and will continue to add more awesomeness as they go. They are so passionate about what we’re doing and we can’t wait to see how they add their flair to ScreenCoach.

Meanwhile, our hardware boxes are looking amazing with the lights at the front working really well. There are 5 multicoloured LED lights. All the lights are on when you have plenty of time left, and they slowly go out as you use up your time and the LEDs are blue when you are using tokens. When your time is almost finished the one remaining light flashes constantly to warn you. It looks so great!

The white “off the shelf” cases are the same size and shape as the Apple TV, when we are ready for full-scale production, we plan to build our own custom case. We are also exploring a cover for the LEDs, such as silicon which gives a lightsaber effect!

Crowdfunding & PR – We are planning a crowdfunding campaign over the next couple of months with a view to launching presales in November. This will give more people the opportunity to be part of our beta trials and allow all the people who have signed up for the product to get in early before our full commercial launch. A PR push will also be part of this so we can get heaps of free publicity!

The plan is to raise funds so we can confidently order a bulk number of hardware boxes and, if required, add bonus features to the software to meet additional needs of the market.

Shout outs – using the benefits of a collective group and their various contacts we like to occasionally call out some of the sectors in the community or business we are looking to connect with. This month we would love to hear from anyone you may know who have connections in health and wellbeing. This could be insurers, providers and others who have credit in this field. If you can think of someone for us to connect with feel free to reach out to any of the three of us.

On the capital-raising side of things, we have raised $500,000 of the $1.5 million raise. Even though Covid has prevented us from presenting face to face to some of the group investor opportunities the team have managed to connect with many activities in the investment space. There are a few large investors we are talking to and are confident we will be closing the round soon.

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