Select 3D is a pioneer in the $27B industry of 3D printing with multiple near term commercial avenues

We all come in different sizes, shapes, colours and hold different possessions. Even businesses have varying requirements. Sometimes an off the shelf product does not suit. Matching the requirement with a custom or bespoke manufactured product is our aim for consumers as they resize or change, similarly for businesses and government as their needs change.

Select 3D is a 3D technology, 3D printing/manufacturing, mixed reality and consultancy company.

Anuja Rao, Founder, Select 3D Pty Ltd

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Executive Summary

Select3D is establishing the leading commercial 3D printing consultancy and production house and mixed reality platform in Australia. 3D printing is a rapidly growing industry with multiple commercial interests and use-cases.

Investment Highlights
  • 3D printing is a fast growing market, currently a $27B industry alone.
    Select3D provides reliable 3D printing services and products combined alongside a scalable mixed reality platform for online shopping.
  • Clear roadmap for growth across five key sectors – each with multiple opportunities for 3D products.
  • There are near-term commercial opportunities/pathways via designer face shields as a product line.
  • Developed for Australia’s first and largest full colour 3D printed plaster-like light pendant December 2018.
  • Attracted seed investors since 2015.
  • Chosen and moved into a government-sponsored incubator.
  • Invited to speak on the topic of 3D printing at PASA events.

Investment Offering

Select 3D is initially raising $250K to fund a pressing opportunity creating covid-19 critical face shields. This will be followed by $11.5M raise, which is required to support the companies long-term growth and attain government matching funds.