Sementis Ltd – CEO Interview

Sementis is a biotech company developing vaccines for peanut allergy and chikungunya (like dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease spreading throughout the world). There is an early stage pipeline for vaccines for Ebola, Q Fever, Melanoma (skin Cancer) and prostate Cancer.

The vaccines use Sementis’ “SCV” backbone technology. This is a vaccinia virus (which is also a smallpox vaccine) genetically altered to prevent replication in human cells thus ensuring safety and, through further manipulation, able to increase its immune stimulating properties. The genes for antigens from diseases are added to the SCV, which, with vaccination, elicits an immune response to the disease state in the human body.

Sementis’ Non-executive Chairman, Maurice O’Shannassy spent 25 years in the financial services industry in Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia. His most recent role was that of CEO of BlackRock Investment Management in Australia. Prior to that he was the CEO and CIO of the Asian operations of BlackRock’s antecedents, Merrill Lynch Investment Management and Mercury Asset Management.

Please listen to Sementis’ Non-executive Chairman, Mr. Maurice O’Shannassy.