SendGold wins big at the Finder Innovation Awards 2020

SendGold collected both Best Investment Innovation and Most Innovative Person for Co-Founder and CEO Jodi Stanton in the Finder Innovation Awards 2020.

SendGold took the Best Investment Innovation title over fellow finalists eToro Australia and Stockspot.

The judges of the category stated, “The digitisation of this vitally important asset class is critically important, in a digital age where volatility is almost considered the norm nowadays.”

Entrants were evaluated on criteria including innovation, range of features, impact and testimonials. Other winners included Up Bank, THE ICONIC, and Transferwise.

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But wait, there’s more…

SendGold were also a finalist in the FinTech Australia’s prestigeous Finnies Awards for Excellence in Establishing Market Precense: Global. Afterpay took this win, but they were very proud to be listed in this group of multiple unicorns!

This win comes at a time when the share market is at unprecedented highs, as new share traders pile in, while gold has outperformed shares in 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20 year time horizons.

It’s now longer about when you should buy gold, but how much you should have in your portfolio.

Even Warren Buffett – who has historically never hidden his distaste for gold as an investment – has even jumped in given current market conditions with Berkshire Hathaway’s purchase of a new stake in top miner Barrick Gold.

SendGold has recently closed the first tranche of its Series A round and will soon close tranche two. The company will use funds raised to launch its debit card in December and is working on its new brand for the international market.

About SendGold – a new gold standard

Money is not holding its value like it used to. The world as we know it is changing forever. So how you deal with money also needs to change.

The banking system is facing unprecedented crises, governments are printing huge sums of currency, cryptocurrencies are on a roller coaster ride, share markets are at extremely lofty valuations, all while people and businesses around the world are looking to move their wealth into safe-haven assets.

In times like these people turn to gold. And SendGold has turned it into a digital asset.

“We’ve transformed the world’s oldest trusted currency into the newest. Our world-first open API digital platform makes gold as accessible and usable as cash, increasing the currency for individuals, SMEs and brands around the world”, states SendGold CEO Jodi Stanton.

“SendGold places the power of gold in your hands, to use how you want, when you want.”

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