Series 1 of the Warburton Global Fund returned -2.0% in first month of 2019

Series 1 units of the Warburton Global Fund returned -2.0% in January 2019. The value of $1 invested since inception is $1.48.

Markets that had been sold down in 2018, bounced sharply in January. Equities rallied strongly in all jurisdictions, yet not enough in most major markets to recoup the losses in December.

Commodity prices surged across the board. Industrial metal prices bounced hard while precious metal and uranium prices continued their bull market rallies.

After falling 40% in Q4 2018, oil bounced 18%. The AUD had a really strong month versus the USD. Bonds gained in value, albeit more moderately than most other asset classes. The 2-year to 10-year section of the US yield curve continued to flatten.


About Warburton Investment Management

Warburton Investment Management manages client capital via the Warburton Global Fund, a global macro hedge fund that deals in international investments. The fund invests in public equity, fixed income, currency and commodity markets worldwide.

Founded in 2015, Warburton Investment Management is one of the best performing firms in the hedge fund industry, with a mandate to target annualised returns of over 30%.

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