Shivom partners with Family Care Path to integrate genetic counselling into Shivom marketplace

Family Care Path’s clinically-validated MyLegacy and CarePathConnect application will provide new ways for Shivom’s customers to take action on their genetic risk for certain hereditary conditions.


Shivom, a biotechnology data and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed through blockchain and AI technology, and Family Care Path (FCPI), a spin-off company from Cleveland Clinic adapting and marketing web-based clinical decision support applications, are collaborating to integrate FCPI’s MyLegacy application within Shivom’s marketplace. Through collaboration, Shivom’s customers can gain access to a personalised health risk profile and genomic counselling sessions which provide end-users with coaching to take proactive steps against hereditary conditions found within their genetic data.

FCPI has established an international telegenetic counselling network, branded CarePathConnect, which provides patients with the ability to privately and securely discuss their genetic health risk conditions with genetic counsellors and learn about the benefits and limitations of genetic testing via a HIPAA-compliant web-based video platform. The company exclusively licensed the family history collection and disease risk assessment tool from Cleveland Clinic, branded MyLegacy, which uses proprietary algorithms based on practice guidelines developed by the Cleveland Clinic Genomic Medicine Institute.

“Access to your genetic information is really just the beginning — using that information in combination with genetic counselling allows the necessary preventative measures to prevent serious health complications,” said Henry Ines, CEO of Shivom. “Our collaboration with Family Care Path enables Shivom’s customers to access their genetic information using a clinically validated program to help them make lifestyle changes which seek to prevent or suppress hereditary conditions.”

The pilot for this collaboration will enable Shivom customers to access the FCP MyLegacy application and schedule a virtual genomic counselling session. Both clinical and non-clinical counselling sessions will be explored and processes will be established to ensure that customers are able to utilize both data collected from the FCP risk assessment tool as well as any genomic or other ‘omics’ reporting facilitated by Shivom subject to patient consent and permissions. Shivom also plans to arrange for its OMX token to be utilised as a means of payment and incentives for accessing counselling sessions and related services. The partnership marks a critical step in the roadmap for Shivom as it onboard’s key partners and services on its platform/marketplace to further demonstrate utility for its token.

“We are excited to collaborate with Shivom on this innovative effort. Working with Shivom will help their customers have a deeper understanding of their genetic information through testing, counselling and the ties to family health history” says David McKee, President and CEO of Family Care Path.


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Shivom is a biotechnology data and analysis company optimising the way DNA is shared, secured and analysed. By utilising innovative technologies such as blockchain and machine-learning algorithms, we are able to democratise genomics.

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