Singapore Capital Expo and Small Cap Showcase 2014

  • 6 November 2014
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Wholesale Investor, and the Business Times are proud to be hosting the Singapore Capital Expo tomorrow.

This is the largest event of its kind being held in the Southeast Asian Region and will feature 30 companies to over 1100 registered attendees.

Wholesale Investor has a proud history of Showcasing Innovative market, before they come to the attention of the market. With that, we have seen some stunning success stories. A recent example is Leaf Resources Ltd (ASX:LER) who in the last 3 months has seen a share price increase of over 450% as the company continue achieve milestones.

Below are the details of the companies being featured at the Singapore Capital Expo. We encourage you to contact the opportunities which interest you and learn more about their offering.

To register your interest in any of the presenting companies please click here.

Folkestone Ltd (ASX:FLK) – ASX listed specialist funds manager and developer – Over 80% share price increase in 18 months

Folkestone is an ASX listed (ASX code: FLK) real estate funds manager and developer. Folkestone pursues a diverse range of Australian real estate opportunities across investment types, capital structures and sectors. The company has two real estate businesses, funds management and on-balance sheet “direct” investments. In the last 18 months the company’s share price has risen over 82%.

Folkestone’s funds management platform offers income, value-add and opportunistic (development) funds, an A-REIT Securities fund and two listed A-REIT funds. As at 30 June 2014, Folkestone had more than $800m in funds under management and a market capitalisation of $115m. The company has had a net profit increase of 168% in FY14, a strong growth in funds under management of 29%, and an equity raising in December 2013 of $25 million was significantly oversubscribed.

Mortgage House Pty Ltd – Australia’s largest and most technically advanced major retail non-bank mortgage lender

The privately owned Mortgage House Group has originated over AUD10 billion of residential mortgages over the 28 years since its launch as a mortgage broker to become one of Australia’s largest and most technically advanced non-bank lenders. MH is a high profile long established trademarked brand with proprietary loan origination platform (e-mms).

The Group is seeking term debt funding (initially $20 million in maturities to 5 years) to support the expansion of its proprietary funding operations:

  • Term loans as part of the Group’s on balance sheet lending;
  • Investment in an SPV holding loans supported by 1st registered mortgages to 80% LVR
  • Investment in an SPV to fund secured loans originated in conjunction with 1st mortgage lending.
  • Investment in a special purpose trust structure holding securities issued by rated RMBS and shadow rated warehouse facilities.

DomaCom Ltd – Australia’s first Fractional Property Investment platform – Pre IPO offer

DomaCom Ltd is the first and only regulated Fractional Property System in the country. Through the DomaCom fund, self-managed super funds can purchase fractions of any property type. They can also trade their interest in a particular property on a secondary market without having to sell the property.

DomaCom is not a concept. It’s a proven business with a number of property settlements completed and a further $60m in the pipeline. They have over 100 financial planners approved to use their platform and are on track to have $100m FUM by June 2015, ahead of a planned stock exchange listing.

Investors Central Limited – High growth automotive lending funder with fixed interest returns

Investors Central was established to raise capital to fund the expansion of its automotive lending business, Finance One. Since 2010 the Company has specialised in lending to an industry sector which has up to 4 million Australian’s looking for credit. Investors Central has delivered consistent, steady growth in both revenue and profit, which has allowed them to continually attract new investors and pay them fixed interest returns from 9% to 16% through redeemable preference share issues.

The Company recently released an updated prospectus and the FY14 reporting highlights include:

  • Earned Income up 71% to $6.482M
  • Net profit before tax up 78% to $1.789M
  • Net Profit after tax up 78% to $1.230M
  • Total Equity up 104% to $2.447M
  • Loan Book Carrying Value grew from $11.82M to $19.10M

Macro Realty Developments Ltd – High yielding and experienced property investment group

Macro Realty Developments specialises in the creation of opportunities for property investors through careful identification and selection of sites, operation of an outstanding sales model, and use of a tried and tested systemic approach to property development.

Forming part of a property investment group, specialising in the syndication of residential and commercial projects in Australia, and providing a one-stop-shop to property investors of all levels. The MACRO team has facilitated over 40 development projects with a combined value of $700M+, and management of $90M of investor funds.

PDAC Ltd – Project management company specialising in property development and marketing with nearly 30 successful projects

The PDAC is a Project Management Company in Western Australia specialising in the development and marketing of real estate developments. Developments have been predominately in Western Australia but also in Victoria. The focus of the company to identify and execute Residential, Industrial and Office developments in the Perth Metropolitan area.

The company has expertise covering all faculties of the property industry including Developments, Hotel & Leisure, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Strata and Marketing (throughout Australasia, Hong Kong, India, Dubia, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia).

PDAC has professional affiliations and are members of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia. The company has been involved in nearly 30 projects.

Newground Property Group Ltd – Boutique residential development advisory firm listed in The BRW Fast 100

Newground Property is a boutique residential development advisory firm whose core business is project marketing specializing in de-risking projects via pre-sales. Founded in 2009, the team at Newground have over 45 years combined industry experience and with that have amassed an impressive track record of achieving profitable outcomes from their developer and investor clients. Currently averaging in excess of 300 sales per annum with over 350 agents in their network both in Australian and internationally, Newground Property have sold upwards of $400 million in residential development projects to date.

Due to the growth and activity in Brisbane market, Newground Property’s development advisory capability has evolved into the development of boutique residential projects in premium inner city locations in partnership with its top developer clients. In 2013 Newground Property was awarded a place in the Business Review Weekly’s Fast 100. The BRW Fast 100 is a list compiled annually of Australia’s 100 fastest growing start-up businesses.

Sterling First Ltd – Dedicated development trust with superior returns from controlled residential housing

The Sterling Residential Development Syndicates provide investors with superior returns from a controlled residential housing development environment.

Investment is via a special purpose syndicate company, which makes a secured loan to a dedicated development trust so it can acquire residential lots and existing residential houses, and convert them into multi key dwellings. The Residential Property Investment Trust has agreed to acquire all completed properties at an agreed price.

Investor returns are 20% pa fixed interest, paid quarterly, and has a minimum term of 12 months, with 6% bonus interest paid to investors who elect to rolling over for a further 12 months.

TFS Corporation Ltd (ASX:TFC) – Global leader and first mover in Indian Sandalwood

TFS is an ASX listed company and a member of the S&P / ASX 200 Index. TFS has been a leading performer over the last 12 months, its share price more than doubling since October 2013. A fully integrated sandalwood company, TFS is the world leader in sustainable Indian sandalwood plantation cultivation & management, processing and sales & distribution.

Indian sandalwood is one of the world’s oldest traded commodities, with critical supply shortages offering investors exceptional market fundamentals as evidenced by sharply rising prices in recent years. TFS owns and manages the world’s largest portfolio of sustainable Indian sandalwood plantations and has executed long term supply agreements for the end product that substantially reduce the exit risk for investors.
In addition to its own plantation assets, TFS manages plantation investments on behalf of over 3,000 retail investors and some of the globes leading institutional investors including one of the world’s largest Sovereign Wealth Funds, a “AAA” rated US university endowment and a significant UK institution.

Sementis Ltd – Revolutionary biotech company developing vaccines with “SCV” backbone technology targeting peanut allergy and chikungunya; early stage pipeline for vaccines for Ebola and Q Fever

Sementis is a biotech company developing vaccines for peanut allergy and chikungunya (like dengue fever, a mosquito-borne disease spreading throughout the world). There is an early stage pipeline for vaccines for Ebola, Q Fever, Melanoma (skin Cancer) and prostate Cancer.

The vaccines use the Sementis’ “SCV” backbone technology. This is a vaccinia virus (which is also a smallpox vaccine) genetically altered to prevent replication in human cells thus ensuring safety and, through further manipulation, able to increase its immune stimulating properties. The genes for antigens from diseases are added to the SCV, which, with vaccination, elicits an immune response to the disease state in the human body.

Virax Holdings Limited (ASX:VHL) – ASX listed Australian clinical stage oncology company

Virax Holdings Limited (ASX:VHL) is an Australian clinical stage oncology company, focused on developing small molecule inhibitors of cancer signaling pathways. In June 2014 Virax licensed rights to GGTI-2418, a first in class inhibitor of the Ras signaling pathway for the treatment of multiple myeloma, breast and pancreatic cancer.

Pending shareholder approval Virax will also acquire AKTivate Therapeutics and its novel TCN-P cancer drug, a potent inhibitor of the AKT signaling pathway. TCN-P is currently in Phase 1b/2 clinical trials in breast cancer and ovarian cancer with a further leukemia trial to start in 2015. The transaction will transform Virax into having one of the deepest cancer pipelines on the ASX.

BioDiem Ltd – Commercially successful biotech company with vaccine licences in India and China

With rising global concern about “superbugs” and antibiotic resistance. BioDiem is well-positioned with its focus on commercialisation of infectious disease therapies. We have technologies targeting influenza and hard-to-treat infections, and have established flu vaccine licences already with commercial partners in India and China. Our revenue comes from licence fees and royalties on sales. The seasonal influenza vaccine Nasovac-S™ is marketed in India.

BDM-I, our patented antimicrobial compound targets treatment of serious human infections. We have benefited from studies on BDM-I conducted by major research institutions in the United States and locally. BDM-I is currently in the preclinical stage of development.

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd – Current IPO on ASX – Innovative biological research and drug discovery company

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (PILL) is an innovative biological research and drug discovery company specialising in the development of simple diagnostic tests for common diseases and the discovery of new therapeutic drugs to treat pain and infection. The Company, based in Perth, Western Australia, works across three units – diagnostics, therapeutics and analytical services.

The Company now seeks additional funding of $6 million to expand each business unit and accelerate commercialisation. It focuses on utilising the funds raised to commercialise the already-developed IP, and implement a measured programme for further compound discovery, whilst expanding existing revenues to underpin future efforts.

Jardine Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd – Life Extension Biotech company with an exclusive worldwide license and patent protected oak antioxidant processes

There is a basic human desire to relieve pain and prolong life, which fuels the search for effective medications. Most drugs come from nature and more than half of the world’s population rely entirely on plants for their medicines.

Oak is used traditionally for treatment of arthritis. Pharmaceutical efficacy is now achieved through a proprietary extraction process for oak, beating arthritis drugs. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), listed oak Polypill™ capsules will be launched through existing distribution networks (Q4 2014). JP has the exclusive worldwide licence for modified polyphenol oak extracts in a complementary medicine format. The company’s process dealing with a wide array of aging related diseases, are patent protected (PCT/WO2014071438 A1).

Lypanosys Ltd – Drug development company with a first-to-market safe and convenient Eczema treatment

Lypanosys is a drug development company, with the company’s lead compound, LYP-010, being a naturally derived, fatty acid based product, that is being developed as a safe, oral (capsule and oral suspension) product for the treatment of Eczema. The company’s Phase 2b study in adults has been agreed by the FDA and approved by a central ethics committee in the US.

There are currently no products available for convenient, safe and chronic treatment of Eczema and with around 10% of the US population suffering from the disease this is one of the largest unmet market opportunities in dermatology today. The market opportunity has been extensively and independently validated with primary research and peak sales in the US alone are estimated at more than $700m.

YPB Limited (ASX:YPB) – ASX listed leading anti-counterfeiting company

YPB Protects Brands with a great solution to a global US$1.7 trillion problem – COUNTERFEIT. YPB is a business based in Beijing, China that exists to make it simple and inexpensive for owners to protect their Brands against counterfeit. Our Patented technology is the ONLY one Certified by CTAAC that sells invisible tracers in China.

YPB sells tracer materials, scanners for Brand owners and is soon to launch a smartphone app aimed at the 500 million mobile internet users in China.

Since the company’s listing less than 2 months ago, the share price has grown by 100%.

DeClout Ltd (SGX:5UZ) – SGX listed next generation tech company providing leading IT Infrastructure Services and Vertical Domain Clouds

Led by a dynamic team of IT veterans, DeClout aims to be the leader in next generation technology driven services in Asia, delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that will make us the partner of choice for leading companies across the region. Listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange in 2012, the Group operates two core business segments – IT Infrastructure Services and Vertical Domain Clouds (VDCs) – out of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, the Philippines, China, the United States and United Kingdom.

Drawing on the expertise and synergies gained from our array of complementary IT Infrastructure Services, the Group is capitalising on exciting opportunities through our VDCs – vibrant, self-contained and scalable ecosystems or communities – starting with the online games and e-commerce industries. Our vision is to create diverse VDCs that serve the needs and aspirations of different businesses and user communities.

8i Limited – Groundbreaking 3D media company with an award-winning board

8i breaks the main barriers to creating compelling 3D media content at scale – quality, time and cost. 8i holographic is a groundbreaking system for recording video and translating it into highly realistic, genuinely 3D digital content. The process is dramatically faster and an order of magnitude less expensive than computer animation.

8i is strongly positioned to meet growing demand for content for virtual reality (VR) display devices like the Oculus Rift. 8i holographic content can also be viewed on other 3D displays and conventional 2D computer monitors. We will commence production of 8i holographic content for clients by Jan 2015 and aim to release our software and distribution products in 2016. 8i team features Academy, Emmy and Edison Award-winning talent with decades of experience at the world’s leading studios.

Kacific Broadband Satellites – International wholesale broadband satellite venture with secured multi-million dollar deals

Kacific is a broadband satellite venture operated by veterans from the satellite / telco industry in Asia Pacific and Europe. The company is deploying a low-cost, high throughput, direct-to-premise broadband solution over South East Asia and the Pacific. The target markets have excellent demand and little infrastructure competition.

Kacific sells wholesale bandwidth to telecom and Internet providers and has already sold five multi-million dollar deals to telecom customers. Kacific is completing its series A round to guarantee its first fully insured in-orbit spacecraft delivery in 2017.

Yuuzoo Ltd (SGX:AFC) – SGX-listed mobile-optimisation and device agnostic developer targeted at social e-commerce networks

Yuuzoo (SGX:AFC) is a Singaporean listed company that combines social networking and e-commerce in a mobile-optimized, fully localized virtual shopping mall, where the consumer can access hundreds of targeted social networks, targeted shops and targeted entertainment through one single login.

The Company builds mobile-optimised and device agnostic targeted social e-commerce networks for businesses and consumers, either rolling them out on their own (“Yuu-Branded Networks”) or together with businesses or brands (“Client Branded Networks”).

CEO and Chairman Thomas Zilliacus, is a well-recognised innovator and leader in the mobile business space having spent a significant number of years working in senior management positions with global industry leaders.

Fusion Payments Pty Ltd – Globally expanding cloud-based payments service provider; Upcoming IPO on the ASX

Fusion Payments Limited (FPL) is providing an integrated suite of mobile banking, payment, recharge and security solutions to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). FPL white labels its cloud-based solutions via a “clip” model to partner MNOs. FPL offers a mobile authenticate, a secure checkout, mobile kiosk and direct recharge.

FPL systems are battle hardened servicing over 20m users and handling in excess of $500m recharge pa having provided solutions to Telstra for the last 10 years. With offices and clients in Australia, Asia and expanding into the Latin America and the Middle East. The company has successfully deployed Direct Recharge on the XL network, which has 60m customers.

Crowd Mobile Pty Ltd – Pre-ASX listed globally expanding mobile entertainment and micro job company with significant revenues and international supply agreements

Pre-ASX listed profitable global mobile entertainment and micro job company. Crowd Mobile leverages its Knowledge Entry System (KES) technology platform and the power of mobile Apps and SMS to deliver compelling content to its customers across 10 countries.

Q Limited (ASX: QXQ), has signed a binding term sheet to acquire the 100% of the Crowd Mobile Australia Pty Ltd group of companies. The company financials in FY14 were $9.7m revenue and $2.2m EBITDA (unaudited management accounts). Crowd Mobile has recently executed a supply agreement with NTH AG to launch Crowd Mobile services into France, Belgium & Austria.

Ice Express – State-of-the-art, remote cloud managed, purified ice and water vending stations with exclusive rights in Australia, SE-Asia and the South Pacific

Demand for convenient access to quality differentiated water and ice in Australia is a rapidly growing sector. Ice Express (IE) owns and operates a fleet of state-of-the-art, remote cloud managed PURIFIED ICE AND WATER VENDING STATIONS with exclusive rights in Australia, SE-Asia and the South Pacific.

IE has perfected its business model over the past 4 years, is experiencing rapid revenue and profit growth, and is now in an exciting expansion phase across Australia. Ahead of the roll out, IE is securing an extensive lease footprint of vending sites in convenient, high visibility, high traffic, forecourts, car parks and strategic-brand-name locations that meet stringent site selection criteria, to ensure placement will meet and exceed established benchmark performance levels.

Altech Chemicals Limited (ASX:AKA) – Chemical processing group and the world’s leading suppliers of a high-value product, 99.99% (4N) high purity alumina (HPA) (Al2O3)

Altech Chemicals Limited is aiming to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of a high-value product, 99.99% (4N) high purity alumina (HPA) (Al2O3). HPA is the major source material for scratch-resistant artificial sapphire glass, which is used in the next generation of smartphones as well as a growing range of high performance electronic applications such as LED’s, semi-conductors, and phosphor TV screens. The global HPA market is approximately 19,040tpa and is expected to double over the coming decade.

Current HPA producers use an expensive and highly processed feedstock material such as aluminum metal to produce HPA. Altech has reported the ability to produce 4N HPA directly from an ore feedstock, such as aluminous clay. Altech employs a proven processing technology to extract HPA from its low-cost and low-impurity aluminous clay feedstock in Western Australia. The Company is now advancing a Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) to develop a full-scale 3,000tpa production facility.

Z-Filter Pty Ltd – Innovative filtration company with global implications

Filtration, separation, drying are the primary processes for the production of almost everything. Z-Filter filters using gravity, separates with just vibration and dries without heat or pressure.

These technologies are patented, low cost, simple, energy efficient and high volume. The results are dirty water, is cleaned; the solid waste separated and compacted:- for industrial, diary, piggery.

Great wealth can be produced from taking wastes; dirty, iron ore or coal cleaning it to produce high grade, clean, dry, ores for steel. The first product is the Z-300A filter with first deliveries to Europe.

Tellus Holdings Ltd – Unique Dual Revenue Infrastructure Development

Tellus Holdings Ltd (“Tellus”) is developing a globally proven dual revenue business model unique to the Asian region. Tellus will mine high grade impermeable salt and kaolin geologies for export to Asian customers, and dispose of high value waste materials in the created voids, permanently disposing of these materials from the biosphere.

Similar facilities are numerous across Nth America and EU and viewed as worlds best practice, permanently removing waste liabilities from balance sheets of Governments and multinationals operating in the oil/gas, resources, chemical, waste, and industrial sectors. Tellus boasts Australia’s only Class V intractable waste management team, and their flagship project was recently awarded ‘Major Project Status’ by the NT Government.

Westlake Funding Ltd – An established specialist wholesale funder of SME trade finance businesses

Westlake is a specialist wholesale funder of SME trade finance businesses. Westlake provides a unique opportunity to Wholesale and Professional Investors to receive a secured high yield return on a credit insured investment. Investors also have the opportunity to receive addition returns through a profit participation scheme over and above their fixed interest return together with a future equity participation option.

Westlake Funding Ltd is also currently providing established Australian businesses with access to the working capital they need and is currently looking to expand its operations in Australia and Asia.

Pie Funds Management Limited – An award winning boutique manager with an exclusive offer

Pie Funds is a boutique fund manager based in Auckland, New Zealand, managing close to $200m in assets that specialises in small companies. Their strategy is to focus on the most inefficient part of the equity markets where the potential is greatest for long term returns.

Pie Funds has won numerous awards as a business, including fastest growing services company in the Deloitte Fast50, 2014. In addition, Pie has carved out a niche as one of the best small cap mangers in Australasia with a number of 5 star rated funds. Pie has some limited capacity available for the right partner in its soft closed Australasian strategies as well as their Global Small cap Fund.

To register your interest in any of the presenting companies please click here.