SKYLECT aspires to become the YouTube of immersive education & team collaboration

SKYLECT is a state-of-the-art communication & learning platform aiming to establish a new paradigm for the utmost benefit of the business & education worlds. The platform provides the most appealing venue to accommodate an exchange of immersive Experiences within the professional domain and beyond while communicating a feeling of freedom and community.

SKYLECT proposes a new synchronous and asynchronous cross-platform communication solution to audiences who seek innovation and value in a seamless experience. An optimal number of remote users can meet in real-time to collaborate & learn beyond conventional standards, across any device. All PCs, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and popular virtual reality hardware are supported.

With the power of immersive technologies, users are enabled to add their own flair within customized settings and personalized avatars that breathe life to any project.

Professionals thrive on the ability to create and share their digital narrative, teach, learn, collaborate, and train at any time, from any location.

Presentations, virtual meetings & conferences rise above the prevailing challenges to become a memorable learning experience of outstanding efficiency for audiences worldwide.

Designed to help users carve a niche Experience for themselves, SKYLECT affords an epiphany of customized solutions, seamless online service delivery, and higher collaboration standards towards continuous development of skills.

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SKYLECT is the next-generation collaboration & learning software platform aimed to promote the digital transformation of educational institutions and businesses. In a modular approach, it is intended to provide all the requisite criteria that define the ultimate learning, training, and collaboration standards.

SKYLECT is cross-platform ready enabling to leverage VR technologies, as well as PC and smartphone visualization, when a VR headset is not available, in an all-in-one software solution. Users can easily connect to learn, work, interact and collaborate in sophisticated virtual environments with personalized avatars at any time and place.

In the corporate realm, SKYLECT can serve as a collaborative platform for remote virtual meetings, conferencing, and training, imbuing a feeling of freedom and refinement. Additionally, users can attend standalone online training courses in an experiential environment where they will learn through practice and become skilled employees while enjoying time and money-saving.

Most notably, SKYLECT, by providing its platform as an open-source of education, will enable skilled educators of a high caliber to create enriched learning Experiences suitable for diverse learning styles, transforming teaching sessions into a hub of innovation.

SKYLECT liberates from the requirement of physical presence in a set location. Geographic and demographic barriers are eliminated while social bonds are empowered.

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