SKYLECT has been nominated as an EDTECH Awards 2021 Finalist

We are happy to announce that SKYLECT, the next-generation communication & learning platform, has been nominated among the EDTECH AWARDS 2021 Finalists. SKYLECT was recognized as a ‘New product or service’ for its potential to contribute to setting a trend in education technology.

The worldwide pandemic has fueled the need to maintain education & business mobility as part of a seamless continuum and development. With technology playing a pivotal role, our team strives to ensure a reliable, engaging, purposeful and secure environment where ubiquitous learners and the workforce can meet and contextualize their realities.

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An array of cool tools, a regularly enhanced 3D asset library, and virtual reality at the forefront, enable SKYLECT to build an open-source theatre to stage the continuous distribution of diverse projects and ideas with the utmost efficiency. ‘Experiences’ within the platform provide a mostly efficient virtual workshop where the acme of attention, focus, and the achievement of outcomes turn into concrete reality.

Nominees like SKYLECT are setting a new paradigm towards innovation and creativity for a more inclusive, and resilient distance learning & collaboration experience to satisfy users who need congruence between setting goals and attainment levels.

Our platform will keep working towards restructuring the way we work, learn and interact to transform competency into continuous success.


SKYLECT is the next-generation collaboration & learning software platform aimed to promote the digital transformation of educational institutions and businesses. In a modular approach, it is intended to provide all the requisite criteria that define the ultimate learning, training, and collaboration standards.

SKYLECT is cross-platform ready enabling to leverage VR technologies, as well as PC and smartphone visualization, when a VR headset is not available, in an all-in-one software solution. Users can easily connect to learn, work, interact and collaborate in sophisticated virtual environments with personalized avatars at any time and place.

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