Smart Electricity Distribution Grid Technology Company Serving 69% of NZ Consumers in $150B Global Market

“WMAC.Cloud’s technology delivers the modern smart distribution grid using intelligent sensors and our Grid Science platform. We’ve bootstrapped into a global company and are raising $5M to expand. The digitisation of the grid to support the energy transition is one of the largest investment opportunities on the planet.

Robert Burke, Managing Director, WMAC.Cloud

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Executive Summary

WMAC.Cloud is an electricity technology company. Its proprietary Grid Science platform is modernising the energy grid by monitoring and controlling power flow in neighbourhoods. The company functions like the headlights, dashboard, and steering wheel for energy utility companies that cannot see into their power networks. This technology is a basic requirement to support widespread solar and electric vehicles and reduce carbon with a more efficient electrical grid.

Investment Highlights

Taking market leadership

  • Current customers represent 69% of New Zealand energy consumers
  • On track to be the first company with a nationwide deployment footprint anywhere in the world
  • 13 utility customers in the first two years of business
  • Global reach: Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and the UK

Riding the massive global energy transition wave

  • $150B global market for smart grid distribution devices today
  • The International Energy Agency estimates that $820B smarter distribution grid investments are required by 2030 to reach Net Zero
  • The unmonitored distribution grid cannot support high levels of solar and electric vehicles
  • The US is investing $50-$200B to modernise the electrical grid
  • WMAC.Cloud’s Grid Science platform is the operating system for a modern smart grid

Building a champion

  • Projecting $1.5M in revenue in FY2021, annualised run rate year end $4M+
  • Extremely experienced team with a superior solution and business model–founders include two serial CEOs
  • Growing the team from 10 to 30
  • Seeing exponential growth in platform data service volume

Investment Offering

WMAC.Cloud will be closing the $5M round for 15% common equity by October. The company is seeking investors in Oceania who support the development of a high-tech energy company and understand the importance of creating a globally competitive energy hub for this new market.

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