Snoretox announces successful capital raise

Snoretox is pleased to announce it has successfully raised well over 1 million dollars towards its project to commercialise the ToneTox and SnoreTox modified tetanus toxin products for the veterinarian and human markets. With R&D rebates, and the possibility of further 1:1 grants, very significant progress will now be made.

This drug is being considered highly useful for any weak muscle disorder, such as snoring and sleep apnoea;  MND, MS and Myopathy; pelvic floor, ectropion and sphincter weakness, and cosmetic tightening markets. As there are no other FDA approved drugs in this field, there is significant potential for a successful drug for both animals and humans.

Snoretox was a finalist at the Bio2020 BioTech Investor Conference in San Diego in June 2020, and has attracted high-level global interest in its project.

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About Snoretox Pty Ltd

A RMIT University spin-off, we have produced modified Tetanus Toxins for Weak and Low Tone Muscle Disorders. They are revolutionary First-in-Class Pharmaceuticals.

There are no FDA approved drugs for increasing the tone and strength of skeletal and sphincter muscles for humans or animal usage. We have developed modified tetanus toxin molecules to achieve this end, to be called Tonetox (general use) and Snoretox (for snoring and sleep apnoea).

Botox was successfully developed to reduce muscle tone for cosmetic and medical purposes such as sphincter relaxation, muscle stiffness and spasms, and so it was considered that Tetanus toxin, a molecule that does the opposite of Botox, would have significant medical applications should a workable version be developed, a version that could avoid the vaccination-induced antibodies.

The innovative step is the cloning and production of modified tetanus toxin molecules to achieve that end, research performed at RMIT University over the last 10 years and supported by an ARC grant and internal RMIT Grant funding.

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