Soar.Earth Releases Demo Version of Their Platform Along with Their Whitepaper

Key Takeaways:

  • Soar takes to the community to ask drone users for their insights
  • Soar releases their Demo version of the platform
  • Individuals can now upload their content to Soar’s demo platform and experience the decentralised drone platform first hand
  • Tuesday the 12th of June marked the official commencement of Soar’s Token Generation Event


What a MASSIVE week for the Soar team! Yesterday they released the Demo version of the Soar platform LINK allowing anyone with drone content to upload it to Soar’s demo platform and experience first hand the platform they are developing.

Tuesday marked the official commencement of their Token Generation Event and the pre-sale of the SKYM Tokens.

Soar also published their highly anticipated WhitePaper and Technical Document as well as launch their Drone Pilot Facebook Group.

The Soar website will be improving over the following weeks, and they’ll be releasing explainer videos to better outline how the Soar Platform will benefit drone operators around the world.

Stay tuned on their social media channels for major updates – and until next time – keep SOARING!


About Soar

The Soar platform is designed to offer the international community a decentralised marketplace for high quality drone, aerial and satellite imagery, that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless and distributed community leveraging blockchain technology. Soar will very soon be the platform for all future mapping, imagery and geospatial information.

Hobbyist drone operators through to professional organisations will be able to monetise unused content in a marketplace driven by the free market forces of supply and demand.

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