Social Impact Organisation Disrupting the $20 Billion Labour-Hire Industry in Australia

Digital Talent Group (DTG) is a Social Impact Organisation and Training College (RTO) that employs unemployed youth, skills them up and certifies them in the Diploma of Social Media Marketing and then hires them out to businesses as Social Media Managers (or as what we like call them ‘Digital Tradies’). Just like you call a plumber to fix your leaky tap, now you can call a Digital Tradie to plug your social media hole.

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Problem – A Two-Sided Marketplace

15% of youth in Australia are unemployed which is estimated to be costing the Australian economy $4.5 billion each year and 62% of Small Businesses in Australia do not use social media to market their business which is estimated to costing the Australian economy $315 billion over the next decade.

Market Size

There are 450,000 unemployed youth and 1.3 million Small Businesses who do not use social media to market their business. The Federal Government is also committed to creating an additional 250,000 jobs for youth over the next 5 years.


DTG is a social impact organisation that creates an ecosystem where Youth and Small Businesses work in a synergistic partnership, combining their own unique talents to grow their futures and in turn the future of the Australian economy.

Revenue Model

DTG receives $10,000 per youth in wage subsidies and $15,000 per Small Business for social media management. We will also deliver the Diploma of Social Media Marketing for $5,000 per student.

5-Year Sales Target

Our 5-year target is to employ, skill up and certify 2,025 unemployed youth in the Diploma of Social Media Marketing and then hire them out, as Digital Tradies, to 6,075 Small Businesses not using social media.

This will equate to $100 million in revenue by 2025.


DTG has a proven business model with experienced operators and strategists.  Co-founder and CEO Kylie Bartlett started, scaled and successfully sold her training college (RTO) in 2007. For the past 13 years she has been an internationally recognised consultant and speaker on Social Media Marketing. This extended to coaching and consulting to Small Businesses on social media marketing with implementation in their business by ‘digital tradies’. She is also a published author on the topic of social media marketing for Small Business.

Competitive Advantage

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is a Government certified organisation that provides Vocational Education and Training (VET) to students, resulting in Nationally recognised qualifications in Australia.  DTG is one of only 27 RTOs in Australia who are accredited to deliver the Diploma of Social Media Marketing. DTG is eligible to receive Government funding for employment and training services.

Achievements to Date

Since launching the company in July 2019, DTG has purchased an RTO (business asset), developed our brand, secured a licensing agreement to be able to deliver the Diploma of Social Media Marketing, employed our first Digital Tradie and commenced social media management with 10 Small Businesses.

Scale and Exit Strategy

DTG intends to scale and exit over 3 phases:

Phase 1 – 2020: establish a minimal viable product, hire and offer social media management locally in Melbourne.

Phase 2 – 2022 hire locally in Melbourne but offer social media management nationally.

Phase 3 – 2024 hire nationally and offer social media management nationally.

2025 either exit or IPO.

Investment Offering

We are seeking $1.5 million for 15% ordinary shares of Digital Talent Group.

As we are a social impact organisation we invite investors who want to be engaged and use their investment to make a difference for our Australian Youth and support the growth and visibility of Small Businesses within Australia (and potentially internationally with social media marketing reach).

We invite you to join our passionate team who are committed to making DTG a significant impact in the lives of our Youth and Small Businesses in Australia.

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