Social Platform Achieves 1500% Growth in Revenue (Since March 2021 Launch) | First Mover in Underserved Market

“We believe that at-home project builders are some of the most innovative and passionate enthusiasts on the planet. We’ve observed that, sadly, they frequently struggle to find reliable and actionable information that helps build their projects—leaving them frustrated and unable to finish their work. 

We aim to help this underserved and high-opportunity market by providing a one-stop platform that connects those working on similar projects and allows them to share their knowledge and experience in the most time and cost-effective way possible.

At, we want to keep building awesome.”

Mike Laverick, Founder

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Executive Summary

Today’s project enthusiasts often experience difficulties searching for information when building a project or purchasing aftermarket products. Many targeted questions arise and are often left unanswered due to the inconvenient lack of a reliable platform. These individuals also don’t find what they need on popular sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as these have far more people asking questions than finding answers.

Queensland’s is a social content platform that effectively addresses these problems for project builders and enthusiasts, allowing these users to get the information they need from one convenient place quickly. It encourages them to catalogue their offerings, services, knowledge, and experience throughout the entire life cycle of their projects whilst providing a low friction path to make actual purchases.

Investment Highlights

First Mover Advantage

  • Despite the presence of competitors and market overlaps, was the first-ever company to develop a buyer-focused knowledge base for product applications, usage, and customer feedback with plans to expand the platform into a thriving marketplace for vendors and buyers.

Exceptional Early Growth

  • Revenue generated via physical product sales as of May 2021 now stands at $32,500.  This signifies exceptional and ongoing growth from the $2,000 generated in March 2021 (just three months).

Leadership Team with Successful Track Record

  • Managing Director Michael Laverick has experienced success in leading testing and commissioning teams of 50+ technicians, engineers, team leaders, and material coordinators.
  • Under his previous leadership, the Downer Rail Testing & Commissioning team won the Corporate Australasian Rail Association Award for Technology (2013) and the Hunter Manufacturing Award for Process Improvement (2012).

Community-Driven Traction

  • The beta testing finished last February. The team made their first public soft-release in March, and they continue to gather feedback from customers to provide additional value.
  • Community-driven traction has arisen from automotive enthusiast workshops and automotive enthusiast YouTubers/influencers.

Solid Plans for Continued Growth

  • plans to integrate an engaging marketplace for consumers, which would allow them to purchase products from connected e-commerce stores based on the research cycle. It will also provide a subscription-based model for users who use advanced platform features.
  • The company also intends to offer vendor advertising on the platform and provide access to deep market analytics.

Investment Offering is launching a seed-stage raise for $200,000 in exchange for 10% equity on the back of early market traction.

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