has achieved $4.2m in turnover in just over 18 months, now awarded with the establishment of Australia’s first energy plan that includes solar and battery

“ is challenging the current energy status quo and enabling our communities and businesses to transition to renewable energy in a cost-effective and efficient manner. I believe there are inequalities in Renewable Energy, as it has been a commodity for the wealth to purchase to be able to have access to cheaper electricity. This is not right and we need to enable everyone who is paying electricity today, the ability to support and be a part of the renewable energy transition.”

Alan Hunter, CEO and Founder,

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Executive Summary is a renewable energy infrastructure business, revolutionising the current centralised electricity network. They are creating Australia’s first Decentralised Renewable Energy Network providing homes, businesses and energy retailers alternative options to purchase energy, increase customer acquisition and decrease customer churn.

Investment Highlights

Strong Turnover & Partnerships

  • has supported over 520 homes to date with a turnover ~ $4.2M in 18 months.
  • has the necessary approvals and partnered with ASX listed energy retailer to create Australia’s first Energy Plan that includes a Solar System and Battery System

Go-to-Market Tailwinds

  • Over 8 million homes and businesses without Solar and/or Battery
  • Electricity Retail industry 2020 – $39bn per annum
  • Over the next 2.5 years is aiming to support 3,500 homes generating 33 GW/H per year of 100% renewable energy and by then they would be offsetting 27,000 Tonnes of CO2-e per year

Investment Offering is completing a Bridging round before a Series A this year.

  • Bridging Round | Convertible Note | 5% interest plus discount on raise
  • $500K target, already raised $450k
  • Oversubscribe maximum of $800k
  • Round closing on 1st June

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