Southern Green Gas creates exportable fuel solution for global renewable energy markets worth $40 billion

Renewable electricity’s share of global electricity markets is growing strongly, today worth US$40 billion per annum.

Southern Green Gas is developing renewable methane which can be exported through existing gas infrastructure. This would allow users to generate on-demand renewable electricity using existing power stations.

Southern Green Gas aims to be first to market, protected by a strong intellectual property position.

Southern Green Gas Investment Highlights


Many countries in the northern hemisphere have high cost sources of renewable energy. With Australia’s low cost and large solar resources, a significant export industry could develop if this energy could be exported. SGG’s solution is renewable methane, made in Australia from hydrogen (produced with solar energy) and CO2 extracted from air. Being similar to natural gas in composition, it can be transported through existing gas infrastructure. This gives SGG a cost and speed-to-market advantage.

Market Size

SGG’s target market is the existing renewable electricity markets in Japan and Korea, which is equivalent in size to twice Australia’s total electricity market. Renewable methane opportunity is for the development of projects to supply this demand. A 10% market share would require $6 billion investment, with the intention for this to be funded by SGG’s joint venture partner APA.


  • Renewable methane is the best solution for exploiting Australia’s competitive advantage in solar
  • It leverages existing gas pipeline and LNG infrastructure to access global markets
  • It is easily converted back to renewable hydrogen for supply to fuel cell vehicles


SGG’s initial sales and marketing focus is on major participants in the Japan and Korean energy industry. These include power and gas utilities that purchase LNG (such as Kogas and Tokyo Electric) and trading houses. SGG’s Managing Director was directly involved in the BHP joint venture with Mitsubishi Corp to introduce methanol to the fuel markets in Japan. It was called M Fuel and involved demonstrating new production technology at the methanol plant in Laverton Melbourne.


SGG has signed a joint development agreement with the $11billion APA Group, which owns the majority of gas pipelines in Australia. The joint initiative is part of their New Energy pursuit as detailed in their 2019 Sustainability Report.

SGG has completed a major milestone as the first stage towards the full renewable methane module. In September this year, SGG successfully commissioned the world’s first renewable hydrogen production facility, with the only inputs being sunlight and air.


Managing Director Rohan Gillespie has 35 years experience in the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors. He has created and led a number of start-ups. Over the last three years, he led a commercialisation initiative for the key facilitating technology of CO2-from-air.

Founder and Advisor Mike Oppenheimer had a 40 year senior executive career with BHP and Ferrexpo, in various roles of gas and resource business development, as well as methanol technology commercialisation.

Strategic Partnerships

The APA Group is a key strategic partner for SGG. Their intended role to build-own-operate the renewable methane projects allows SGG to employ a “capital-lite” business model. Along with a Federal Government agency, APA is proposing to provide $2.2m of non-dilutive funding for further progressing the renewable methane product development.

Competitive Advantage

  • Lowest cost from production module integration and economies of manufacture.
  • First mover position protected by a strong intellectual property portfolio.
  • Complete sustainability with water for hydrogen production extracted from air.

Revenue Model

SGG revenue model is to earn development fees associated with the renewable methane projects. Typically this is 3-5% of capital cost.

Exit Strategy for Investors

IPO planned for Q3 2020. Trade sale to one of the major energy companies active in Australia.

About Southern Green Gas

SGG is joint venturing with the $11billion APA Group, which owns the majority of gas pipelines in Australia. The joint venture is part of their New Energy initiative as detailed in their 2019 Sustainability Report.

SGG now seeks $0.3m-$1.0m in pre-IPO funding, primarily to fund the remaining portion of the renewable methane module development, followed by a further $5m (to be confirmed) at IPO to fund full commercial rollout. The IPO is scheduled for Q3 2020. The pre-IPO funding is being raised via the issue of ordinary shares at $0.50 per share. This represents a pre-money valuation of $4m.

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