Speakers and Panellists

Matt Harry – Co-Founder & Fund Manager at Blockchain Global Limited

Mr Harry has a background in wholesale currency trading and close to 15 years experience in financial markets.
Most recently Mr Harry worked as a consultant to the Corporate and Institutional space in the areas of foreign exchange risk management and operations streamlining.
As a global award-winning foreign exchange consultant Mr Harry has strong experience in the area of managing cross-functionality teams to achieve best-case outcomes for investors and clients alike.



Allan Guo – Co-Founder & CIO at Blockchain Global Limited

Allan is the co-founder and CIO of Blockchain Global Limited, a profitable technology company.
The company’s corporate accelerator program has made over a dozen investments in successful startups leveraging Blockchain Technology.
As one of the world’s largest blockchain auditing service providers, Allan manages the operational aspects of the network of data centres that house the equipment to carry out the audit process, which involves building the relationships to enable the company to carry out infrastructure projects that comply with operating budgets of the group.




Bob Bonomo – President at CG Blockchain, Inc.

Bob Bonomo brings over 25 years of Wall Street experience in the financial services and asset management space.
Bob’s background in software and product development, team management, and strategy has led him to focus on digital/cryptocurrencies and their underlying Blockchain technologies. Prior to his work with Blockchain, Bob served as a Deputy Chief Information Officer for Alliance Bernstein LP, and Chief Information Officer for  Oppenheimer Funds, Inc., where he spearheaded IT services firm-wide. Bob holds a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University, School of Engineering and Applied Science.



Justin Dombrowski – CEO & Founder at Soho

Justin is the CEO and founder of Soho, and has been in the DLT and cryptocurrency space since early days.  Soho’s mission is to create a new generation asset classes of the next century. We work with established businesses looking to raise growth capital via means like token sales, leveraging their existing products, services, and networks. In tandem, we run an investor syndicate for private and institutional investors interested in access to our and other projects.  Before founding Soho, Justin was PwC’s blockchain and distributed ledger SME for ASEANZ, having run DLT and cryptocurrency projects with global banks, e-commerce companies, logistics businesses, as well as regulators and law enforcement.  Prior to that, he founded Historiocity, a fintech innovation firm servicing large financial firms, VCs, and early-stage fintech companies.


Emma Poposka – Co-Founder & CEO at Bron.Tech

Emma Poposka is a Co-Founder and CEO of Brontech, an Australian company that specializes in decentralized data and identity management. She has 10 years experience in technology and software development across different stages of the software development lifecycle. Emma has been involved in the crypto and blockchain space since late 2012. She is a regular speaker at technology conferences and summits, judge at blockchain hackathons, as well as trainer and advisor for technical and commercial development of blockchain solutions.



Nick Giurietto – CEO & Managing Director at Australian Digital Commerce Association

Nick was responsible for the development of the Australian Digital Currency Code of Conduct which establishes best practice standards for digital currency businesses in Australia and has been modeled in other countries. Nick has worked with the Australian Government on issues including the taxation treatment of digital currencies, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing regulations and identifying use cases for deployment of blockchain solutions within government.  Nick is a member of the Standards Australia Technical Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Standards and a participant in the International Standards Organisation Study Group on Identity on the Blockchain.


Henrik Andersson – CIO at Apollo Capital

Henrik has over 17 years experience in global financial markets, with almost a decade on Wall Street.  Henrik has extensive experience across three continents as a quantitative analyst, senior research analyst and in institutional equity sales.  Henrik holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and a Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University. He is a CFA charterholder.



Alex Saunders – CEO & Founder at Nugget’s News

Alex Saunders has been living and breathing cryptocurrency since 2012 after discovering Bitcoin, the world’s 1st cryptocurrency application of blockchain technology. Initially Alex recognised most other cryptocurrencies offered little intrinsic value. That all changed in 2015 when Ethereum showed the world that cryptocurrency could be so much more than digital money, the real value of blockchain technology had been unlocked. Since then Alex has invested in dozens of quality projects and his portfolio has outperformed leading funds 100 fold.


Mark  Toohey – Founder & Managing Director at TBSx3

Mark has been involved with technology throughout his career. After decades of experience in the television industry he became heavily involved in the startup sector. He is a legal expert on cryptocurrencies and digital currency regulation.
In late 2012, he recognised the potential of digital currency and Blockchain technology. The firm he founded, helped organise and lead blockchain conferences at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge universities.
Working in conjunction with the Commonwealth Bank, they organised the most significant blockchain event ever held in Australia: the five-day Sydney Blockchain Workshop. Over 40 industry leaders from around the world flew in for the event in 2015.


Dave Chapman – Chairman at Octagon Strategy

Dave Chapman is an Australian serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in banking and financial technology, specializing in the analysis of low-latency pre-trade risk and order management systems. Throughout his investment banking career, Dave has been responsible for the design and implementation of a wide-ranging suite of trading platforms. Chapman served at HSBC, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, ABN AMRO and Bear Stearns, among other financial firms. Chapman is the Chairman of Octagon Strategy Limited (OSL), the largest digital asset broker in the Asia-Pacific region. OSL processes the buying and selling of major cryptocurrencies for institutional and individual traders across 20+ time zones. In 2013, Chapman also co-founded ANX International (ANX), one of the largest global blockchain solution providers.  ANX continues to run one of the longest-standing cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Asia.



Jamie Skella – Co-Founder of Horizon State

Technology strategist and entrepreneur Jamie Skella has spent 20 years in the design, building and advising of businesses across blockchain, esports, machine learning, and even future food. Jamie is co-founder of Horizon State, a startup redesigning how societies collectively make decisions using distributed ledger technology.




Fred Schebesta – Co-Founder of Finder.com and HiveEx.com

Fred Schebesta is Co-founder of one of the world’s biggest financial comparison websites, Finder.com, including cryptocurrency exchange and wallet comparison, Crypto Finder. Fred is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and international keynote speaker. His most recent accolade was EY Australian Entrepreneur of the Year – Services Category in 2017. Fred launched OTC service HiveEx.com in February 2018, and is an advisor for ICOs and blockchain-related businesses on strategy and marketing.



Darren Younger – Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder of Lakeba Group

Established in 2015, Lakeba is a Start-up Studio or “Reverse Incubator” which has developed an innovative business platform for creating, building, and scaling disruptive digital solutions. Based in Manly, Australia, Lakeba has a global team of over 200 people with offices in Italy, India, USA, and UK. Along his career, Darren has been working with different clients and teams to identify opportunities and solve problems which have a global application. He has been instrumental in building Lakeba’s “innovation to commercialisation model” that identifies and filters early-stage technologies, such as emerging blockchain, to deliver rapid commercialisation.