Stropro Australia’s First Dedicated Investment Platform for Structured Products

The Stropro platform provides access to Structured products to Australian wholesale investors. 

For decades across the globe, high net worth investors have been utilising structured products to enhance income, buffer volatility and increase portfolio diversification. In Australia, these exclusive investment solutions have typically been restricted to a private bank and institutional investors, until now.

Stropro works with a panel of leading global investment banks to provide investors: 

  • Diverse investment opportunities to meet any tactical objective
  • Access to institutional investment pricing & research
  • Ability to create and co-seed investment ideas
  • Comprehensive portfolio reporting 
  • Seamless execution, clearing and settlement

One of the core strengths of Stropro is to tap in global investment banks to produce unique opportunities for wholesale investors.  

In response to views from our clients, Stropro has launched the ASX 200 Growth Optimiser. 

The “ASX 200 Growth Optimiser” is issued by a global investment bank and linked to the performance of the S&P ASX 200 over three years. 

The investment aligns to wholesale clients who have a long-term optimistic view of market recovery but believe there could be potential volatility or downside in the short term. 

The unique feature of this trade is that the ASX 200 Optimiser captures the lowest closing price of the index over the next three years and removes the need for investors to ‘time the market’.

If Investors believe there is short-term volatility to come on the ASX 200 and are optimistic about a longer-term recovery over three years, then the Structured Product is likely to outperform a passive strategy into the index. In the event, the view does not materialise; investors are exposed to the performance of the index over three years. 

If you are a qualified wholesale investor, register at and view this opportunity for more information.

Press and Media Coverage for Stropro in 2020

SRP Asia-Pacific Awards:

  • Shortlisted for “Best multi-issuer platform.”
  • Shortlisted for “Best Educational Initiative”

Anto Joseph (CEO)

Ben Streater (CPO)

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About Stropro

Stropro is Australia’s dedicated investment platform for Structured Products.

Stropro partners with global investment banks to democratise access to exclusive tactical investment opportunities and global research, typically restricted to private bank and institutional clients.

The Stropro investment platform is available to wholesale and sophisticated clients, family offices, and financial advisers.

Structured Products are a unique investment because of their ability to enhance income, preserve capital and buffer volatility. These are three investment objectives embraced by all Australian investors.

‘Our vision is to be the home for Structured Product investing in Australia and across the Asia Pacific (APAC).

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