SUDA Annual Update 2016; IP Filed & Major Deal Signed

SUDA Ltd (ASX:SUD)  is a drug delivery company headquartered in Perth, WA. The Company is developing low-risk oral sprays using novel formulations of existing pharmaceuticals. The many potential benefits of administering drugs through the cheeks, tongue, gums to include ease of use, lower dosage, reduced side effects and faster response time. During the year, the Company completed an array of achievements;

  • Completed the development and filed IP for its novel penetration enhancing technology.
  • November 2016, SUDA announced a major deal with Eddingpharm, a leading Chinese pharmaceutical company.
  • SUDA’s ZolpiMistÔ oral spray for the treatment of insomnia in China. The total deal value could exceed $34 million in upfront, milestone and royalty payments.

Active discussions are ongoing with approximately 60 pharmaceutical companies.