SUDA Ltd (ASX: SUD) Features on Channel 9 News


  • Perth-based Suda Ltd, a company that specialises in oro-mucosal administration, is in the process of developing prescription drugs and transforming them into mouth sprays to reduce its side effects and make them more potent.
  • Among the drugs in the pipeline for development as mouth sprays are anti-nausea, anti-insomnia and anti-malaria drugs.
  • Suda makes use of the drug delivery platform OroMist to enhance many existing drugs in the market.


Suda Ltd, a company based in Perth, Western Australia that specialises in oro-mucosal administration, seeks to eliminate patient reliance on syringes and pills by transforming prescription medication into mouth sprays.

“The lining of the mouth is highly vascularised, meaning there are lots of blood vessels,” Suda Chief Business Officer Nick Woolf said. “So rather than going through the gut and the liver before getting into the blood system, it goes directly into the blood system via the jugular.”

By popularising the use of prescription drugs transformed into mouth sprays, the company aims to provide patients with smaller-dosed medications with lesser side effects. Mouth sprays are also more potent since the active ingredients in these drugs do their jobs up to 10 times faster.

The company reformulates off-patent existing drug formulations and come up with products that can be patented later on. Its drug delivery platform known as OroMist can enhance many existing drugs and the company is bent on expanding this pipeline. By commercialising better medicines, Suda aims to create more value for their shareholders and improve the lives of people in the process.

Suda is eyeing the common sedative Midazolam with the trade name Versed as the latest drugs for possible conversion to a mouth spray. This drug is used for procedural sedation, severe agitation and anaesthesia.

Transforming drugs into mouth sprays could benefit patients who severely suffer from seizures. These patients are at risk and require immediate delivery of medication.

Suda is also in the process of transforming other medications into mouth sprays including drugs for insomnia, nausea, migraines and even malaria. Zolpidem, more popularly known as Stillnox, will be made available in Australia soon after it gets approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Zolpidem is already available in the United States.

“We’ve picked drugs where we believe we can offer unique advantages with our spray technology, compared to what’s currently available on the market. We think we’re really at the beginning of an upward curve where the use of a spray, as a means of administering a drug, will become more and more popular,” Woolf said.

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