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There are over 400 abandoned mines in New South Wales alone.  Every clean-up of an abandoned and derelict mine cuts CO2 emissions by displacing large scale, low-grade new production and removes toxic metals from our environmental ecosystems.

Sunshine Reclamation Pty Ltd (Sunshine Reclamation) offers investors a unique, low carbon economy based, sustainability focussed, metals and minerals business entry opportunity. With exposure to the production and sales of GOLD, SILVER, ZINC, COPPER, TUNGSTEN, LITHIUM, LEAD from derelict mine sites and the participation in site rehabilitation/conservation.

The funds raised will refurbish an established centralised multi-mine processing plant, where exclusively owned processing technology will be installed secure process waste and reclaim ore bodies which are at advanced stages of development and mining approvals,

Bringing production online and processing of the initial pipeline of derelict mine feedstocks that Sunshine Reclamation is working on, over the next four-years is forecast as likely to generate an after-tax profit of over A$25 million. With IRR’s in excess of 30%

$AUD 1.5 million is currently being sought by the Company to:

  1. Purchase a well-established and permitted central processing plant and the land it is situation on.
  2. Refurbish and revitalise that plant.
  3. Install Sunshine Reclamation’s exclusively owned technology for treating complex ores e.g. slags and refractory multi-metallics at the site.

This early-stage capital raise is expected to maximise the value of a future Initial Public Offering by establishing the cash flows and profits, through the revitalised, operating processing plant and by securing a  multi- feedstock portfolio of projects, room for expansion and long-term production goals and targets.

These initial funds are being secured through a 2-year convertible note in the Company, with a 15% coupon rate.

For more information contact: Daryl Young, Director. P: 0488950315 or

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About Koopman Securities Pty Ltd

This project is privately held with a major shareholding of local citizens and royalty streams to Indigenous landholders. This philanthropic approach is to assist in education, employment provisions and career opportunities for the local indigenous population. The project has taken a long period of time to get to the stage where it now moves to the commercialization of Innovative Processing technology to develop a mainstream commercial operation.

The solution is to introduce proportionate debt /equity funding to move the company to a structure that will allow it to accept introduced capital and then go to an IPO to allow for the expansion and value realization of assets.

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