SWAN Systems One Step Closer to Becoming Market Leader in Irrigation

SWAN Systems is pleased to announce the launch of its latest software module, System Suggested Irrigation (SSI); a new feature that can now be sent out to irrigation controllers to automatically schedule water release – the right amount at the right time. The ability to talk back to world-leading irrigation hardware opens up significant partnership and defensibility opportunities for SWAN.

An exciting initial application of this new SSI module involves SA Water (provider of water and wastewater services to more than 1.7 million South Australians) and Aquamonix (one of Australia’s leading irrigation hardware providers that sell the popular Rainman Controller). The initial focus of the business enterprise will be on public open spaces and schools across South Australia, where there are enormous opportunities to reduce watering costs by using a combination of smart technology, precision agronomy and sophisticated hardware. The economic advantages of lower water and power charges, combined with the environmental outcomes of conserving precious resources and reducing nutrient leaching, delivers benefits to a range of stakeholders.

“The progression of SWAN’s capability to process large quantities of data with proprietary algorithms and feed back to the irrigation controller is a huge step”, said SWAN’s CEO Tim Hyde.  “We are focused on delivering tangible value to our users with a recent SA Water study demonstrating that water efficiency gains of up to 30% are achievable through the adoption of good technology and sound management practices”.

SA Water’s Manager of Environmental Opportunities, Greg Ingleton, is also focused on delivering sustainable benefits for local communities, commenting “SA Water is always on the lookout for new technologies that facilitate improved water management outcomes, and our research shows material benefits can be generated across a range of irrigation applications for our customers.”

Wayne Evans, CEO of Aquamonix, similarly commented “Aquamonix is very pleased to be involved in this business enterprise; we see great opportunity to leverage precision software with our market leading irrigation controller to provide cost and efficiency benefits to users”.

SWAN Systems delivers management solutions across a broad range of irrigation enterprises, from farming through to public parks, sporting ovals and golf courses. One of SWAN’s key market differences is its hardware agnostic functionality; with approximately 55 different hardware devices already integrating with SWAN, the company is one step closer to becoming the market leader in the space, with each integration providing powerful network effects and defensibility to the business.

“We find that many large-scale operators utilise a range of hardware devices across their enterprises, so it is critical that any software can integrate with existing systems,” Mr Hyde said. “SWAN’s other key differentiator is the integration of water and nutrients, which creates further opportunities to work with water utilities like SA Water that are committed to broadening the supply source by expanding the use of treated water for irrigation purposes”.

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About SWAN Systems

SWAN Systems is a uniquely hardware agnostic water management platform that is changing the way irrigation is managed. Like Xero to accounting, SWAN is to water management as it enables the creation of budgets, the issuing of reports and the generation of precision data to inform on optimal water and nutrient applications. It is adaptable across all business systems as it captures and processes data from a wide range of devices regardless of the type of irrigation controller, weather station or soil moisture probe in use. It is disrupting current limitations on software that only works with proprietary hardware. This simplifies investment decisions and enables the roll-out across different farms in multiple locations.

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