Systemate Collaborates with Northern NSW Waste Management Company

Systemate announces partnership to co-develop AI technologies which will automate recycled waste data collection. Northern NSW recycled waste management company Revolve Your World,  has partnered with Systemate to utilise the no code data management system and develop custom data applications, to integrate directly within the waste processing facilities.

With a large R&D project on the horizon and currently enjoying significant growth, Revolve Your World is deploying into new regions . The partnership with Systemate  enables smart, streamlined efficient data management in this recycled waste growth industry.

About The Company

Systemate is an automated, agile, go anywhere no-code SaaS platform for data management. With features including AI assisted app design, workflow automation, mobile offline mode and API’s to intergrade with 3rd parties or IoT we have an edge in this booming industry. We have built the platform, attracted a stellar team and have a recurring subscription revenue in the APAC market.

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