Systemate’s Platform has Secured Enterprise and Government Clientele | The Technology Offers Significant Time & Cost Savings Vs. Competition

“Systemate’s flexible, adaptable, and rapid deployment has no limits when it comes to addressing the global requirement for data accessibility and use. Our platform is easy to access, is affordable, and is available in the right formats. It also has sound science and data quality, enabling it to effectively contribute to closing data gaps.

Unlike other low-code SaaS platforms, Systemate can instantly pivot from integrating COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, ensuring equitable, transparent, and sustained capacity to other government service deliveries, to individual enterprise and SME business needs.”

Marianne Witzig, CEO & Co-Founder, Systemate

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Executive Summary

Systemate is an automated, flexible, cloud and mobile-based platform that empowers end users to easily collect and manage data for any service, anytime and anywhere.

Systemate eliminates low code/no code problems such as steep learning curves, the requirement of technical consultants, and limited offline data management. It achieves this by providing tools that enable easy building and updating of tailored applications and using an AI-assisted design that removes the need for technical consultants.

This significantly reduces barriers to entry whilst significantly lowering costs. 

Investment Highlights

Experienced Team

  • Systemate is led by a stellar and experienced team that includes leading USA tech advisors:
    Stephen Price, CEO of CoFoundersLab, and Erik Bullen of Bullhaus Ventures, Vencapital, and the Capital Network.

Product Advantage 

  • Systemate’s innovative, agile, go-anywhere platform provides users the power, where other platforms have fallen short, to reduce the time spent on intense software learning, lessen overall reliance on experts and consultants, and address on-demand data processing requirements.

Recurring APAC Revenue

  • Systemate already has recurring subscription revenues in the enterprise and government APAC market which supports its steady growth and acts as an indicator of existing/future market demand.

Industry Awards

  • Systemate was a finalist in the Development Impact Award category of the Premier’s NSW Export Awards in recognition of its potential and product development capabilities.

Booming Market

  • The current Software as a Service (SaaS) market scalability is at 10x to 18x—this allows the company to rapidly scale into diverse markets, which is expected to increase the number of platform users and potential revenue in the longer term.

Investment Offerings

Systemate is raising $635,000 to fund its AI development and allow the company to scale to other B2B, enterprise, and SME markets.

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