TAIM investment funds perform strongly during January, outperforming the general market

Both TAIM Funds performed strongly during January, outperforming the general market. Our benchmark, the ASX200 Accumulation Index, gained +3.9% for the month.

TAIM’s lead Momentum Fund outperformed with a solid positive return of +7.2% for the month. During the 16 months since inception, this Fund has achieved almost double the return of the Fund’s benchmark.

The companies Leveraged Fund has bounced back strongly from recent lows with a monthly gain of +8.0%, and is now back to its standard 2:1 leveraged position.

Global markets are still in recovery mode, however the signs are starting to look better with the TAIM Funds completing six positive weeks in a row.


About TAIM Investments

TAIM Investments operates two Australian equities investment funds. Both have exhibited exceptional performance, during an initial 4-year small-scale-offering period, and now under the company’s own AFSL. Both funds have an Australian blue chip focus – portfolio of 20 ASX200 equities, long only, no short-selling or derivatives – and we use an automated quantitative approach to deliver superior performance.

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