TAIM Investments funds continue to outperform despite turbulent month on global share markets

After some testing times during the month, global share markets had steadied somewhat by the end of the month. The Australian share market had its first step backward this month with the ASX200 declining by -3.1% during August.

TAIM’s Funds did not escape the general price volatility. Despite our principal Momentum Fund receding during the month, the Fund continues to outperform its benchmark on a 3-month, 6-month, 12-month and since inception basis.

The stellar run in 2019 for our Leveraged Fund also slowed this month. Calendar Year performance continues to be very healthy, and the Fund remains an impressive +29% up on its benchmark since inception.


About TAIM Investments

TAIM Investments operates two Australian equities investment funds. Both have exhibited exceptional performance, during an initial 4-year small-scale-offering period, and now under the company’s own AFSL. Both funds have an Australian blue-chip focus – portfolio of 20 ASX200 equities, long-only, no short-selling or derivatives – and we use an automated quantitative approach to deliver superior performance.

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